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  1. lueyyou

    Top Gear Series 19

    What are you on about? Prime has been showing all the latest seasons and they were only 3 or 4 weeks behind for the last season if I remember. Also our internet in NZ is perfectly fine I've got all the eps 720P
  2. lueyyou

    Oz & James Drink to New Zealand?

    Hey man, I grew up in Chch :thumbup:
  3. lueyyou

    Oz & James Drink to New Zealand?

    Hope this happens cause then I can take time off work and follow James around the country! Didn't go to Top Gear live this year cause I went last year so this could be a great chance to actually meet James.
  4. lueyyou

    Season 14 slid off track

    I just wish they would stop reviewing the same cars, they've done the Gallardo like 4 or 5 times now (different models I know but its boring none-the-less). The DBS about 3 times, XK(R) maybe 3 or 4 times. I've felt the last 3 seasons to be a real bummer tbh and everything just seems so forced...
  5. lueyyou

    James May: Oz And James's Big British Adventure

    The song is called "Groovin' with Mr Bloe". I know this because its from the Geese ad: Enjoy :)
  6. lueyyou

    What's up with the bet clothes?

    Yeah I don't know what's up with them using these things over and over. Like the Dacia. I mean its a great laugh when they first do it but after a while it really isn't funny at all and I'd rather they focused on something else.
  7. lueyyou

    You know what it is?

    I do exactly the same thing and my favourite eps are always the ones from season 8 and before. They just give you a nice warm fuzzy feeling inside that makes you want to watch them again :) And yes I agree that TG Australia isn't really TG, just a motoring show that uses TG's logos and studio.
  8. lueyyou

    New 'bloopers': TG Book Reading

    Top stuff, good old Top Gear.
  9. lueyyou

    Everything's On Fire

    LAWL it looks more like a joke to me :)
  10. lueyyou

    James May: James May's Big Ideas

    Another really great and educational video, I really enjoy how James explains things so well and so clearly without being overly boring. And there was quite a bit of content in that episode too a real broad view of robotics in general. Hope he does more series like this in the future.
  11. lueyyou

    James May: James May's Big Ideas

    Thanks Viper, really appreciate it :)
  12. lueyyou

    Jeremy Clarkson Meets the Neighbours

    You sir, are correct. Hope this get re-released on DVD or something, its actually quite funny.
  13. lueyyou

    Clarkson: Thriller

    The cover doesn't really suit the title very well, still looking forward to this though. Always like those Clarkson DVD's :D:clarkson:
  14. lueyyou

    GT-R Evolution and TG test track

    High 5, a bit unrealistic though. I think they need to make some adjustments cause these lap times are a bit too fast :P
  15. lueyyou

    GT-R Evolution and TG test track

    1:19.351 Standing start, using keyboard, with 2 laps of practise which got cut short cause both times I went off :D
  16. lueyyou

    Worst Season of Top Gear

    I'm surprised so many people voted for season 1, I quite enjoyed the slow and humble nature of the show back then, it seemed much more down to earth. But I think my entire view of season 1 is based on the lasting impression Jeremy's review of the Citroen Berlingo has made on me in the first...
  17. lueyyou

    For New Zealand residents only

    Thanks for the tip! Usually not much action in our part of the world on these forums.
  18. lueyyou

    "Gulp!" Looks like Wilman might have read my thread......

    I still can't believe that Terios engine noise was real, its way too deep for a 1.5L car...did they change the exhaust beforehand? :P
  19. lueyyou

    TG Mag allegedly crashed Nissan GTR

    Can we now say officially that the GTR has better brakes than the R8? :P Good to see it was repaired quickly though, would be a shame to have 1 less GTR in the world already.
  20. lueyyou

    Episode question for experts

    As far as I know they take out things like some British only competitions and some news that doesn't seem interesting to non-British people. Its mainly to be shown in other countries like New Zealand where they need to fit in some ads as well.