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  1. hiimandy1

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    I get some of their rules; what advertiser wants to associate their product with blatant harassment. But sensitive topics? Advertisers are happy to be on news channels. Cursing? Mr. Robot dropped a "fuck" on basic cable, what advertisers will tolerate cursing-wise is becoming pretty broad.
  2. hiimandy1

    First World Problems thread

    My neighbor got the same car as me, but slightly newer and the coupe instead of sedan. I must now commit seppuku, move, or upgrade to the V series.
  3. hiimandy1

    2016 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Wasn't the biggest fan either but damn someone give that kid a hug, demoted mid season and probably not much left in his F1 career after that.
  4. hiimandy1

    2016 Bahrain GP

    Why are they even weighing cars in practice? It's not a competitive session, you can't cheat at practicing...
  5. hiimandy1

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    If you're bouncing money between two accounts more than weekly, why not just leave it in checking and save the hassle?
  6. hiimandy1

    Random Thoughts... [Entertainment Edition]

    I woke up twice in the middle of the night last night because of the American Crime this normal?
  7. hiimandy1

    Last TV show you saw?

    Endorse. Loved the first season, glad it's renewed for a second. Meanwhile, I've watched every episode of this season of American Crime twice so far already. Even better than the last.
  8. hiimandy1

    Forza 6 Officially announced.

    Who is buying credits for real money when they're so easy to get in game? If they want to sell me credits, don't give me two million of them for playing for an hour.
  9. hiimandy1

    Forza 6 Officially announced.

    Does anyone else think they kind of made it too easy to accumulate cars and points? With the spins every driver level, you end up with 2 million credits and a Veyron after a few dozen races. Where's the challenge?!
  10. hiimandy1

    2015 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Could be worse, you could be a Lotus fan. Another year of Maldonado, who has 12 points to Grosjean's 38...
  11. hiimandy1

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    While we're complaining about air conditioning... Probably due to the fire code, my complex has butterfly dampers that automatically close if there's a fire to...I guess make sure the fire doesn't get air. I've been wondering why my bedroom doesn't get much air, I thought it was just...
  12. hiimandy1

    The Annoying Ads thread - post and rant away here.

    Oh, I really liked those DirecTV ads.... But THIS ONE. If you have to build a roller coaster track to make the car "exciting", aren't you proving that it isn't?
  13. hiimandy1

    2015 Formula 1 Season Thread

    I keep hearing Ericsson brings huge money, but when I look at their car....where is it? Are there any Swedish sponsors on there?
  14. hiimandy1

    Airplane or airport experiences...

    I usually am only gone a few days, so a roll aboard is plenty. If the overhead is full, they (U.S., at least) gate check for free, and since they have it at the jet bridge it always makes the right flight. With regular bags, Lufthansa thought they might enjoy Munich while I was in Milan, and...
  15. hiimandy1

    Airplane or airport experiences...

    And pay $50 and have to wait for my bag? Pass. I'll save my money and time and use a carry on, though I can throw my bag into the bin/get it down without breaking stride at this point.
  16. hiimandy1

    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    I swear we heard the same thing about Ferrari last year...
  17. hiimandy1

    The "Things that annoy me" thread

    My old boss used to do this to anyone who walked away with their computer unlocked. One person physically rotated their monitor as a solution...
  18. hiimandy1

    Grosser Preis von ?sterreich 2014

    Hamilton in P9 should be fun to watch make his way up for the first like, dozen laps. I can't imagine the Williams being faster than the Mercs in the race but then again I didn't think they would be faster in qualifying.
  19. hiimandy1

    2014 Bahrain GP

    I've always thought rollovers are the safest form of collision, no? Good to see the Lotus has enough reliability for Maldonado to go do his normal thing.
  20. hiimandy1

    First World Problems thread

    The heated floors in my bathroom weren't up to temperature because they didn't adjust for daylight savings :cry: