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  1. MadCow809

    2015 Formula 1 Season Thread

    5 WDC title v.s 3 WDC title. Sure, whatever you say... you obviously got plenty of excuses to deny the hard facts. Alonso says a lot of shit. You've gotta be pretty naive to believe everything Alonso says.
  2. MadCow809

    2015 Formula 1 Season Thread

    yup, McLaren confirmed Button & Alonso for 2015. However...... Er... no. I don't know what Ron Dennis is smoking, but Ferrari definitely have the best driver line-up of current F1 teams.
  3. MadCow809

    2015 Formula 1 Season Thread

    LMAO. This blatant selective vision from a self claimed "Ferrari fan" is simply too funny. It also reminds why this part of the forum has turned into an absolute public toilet.
  4. MadCow809

    Random Thoughts...[F1 edition]

    RIP Andrea de Cesaris.
  5. MadCow809

    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Nothing wrong having two fastest world champions driving for the same team. At least Ferrari will have the strongest driver lineup for 2015.
  6. MadCow809


    lol, what a sad comment.
  7. MadCow809

    Death of Kevin Ward Jr.

  8. MadCow809

    2014 Canadian Grand Prix

    lol what a unpredictable race
  9. MadCow809

    The Android thread

    That pushbullet app, bloody brilliant! Now I just need to get the extension to work for Opera, cos chrome is pretty much....... shit.
  10. MadCow809

    2014 Bahrain GP

    Utter domination from the Mercedes team. A good scrap between Rosberg & Hamilton.
  11. MadCow809

    2014 Bahrain GP

    Mercedes is gonna walk this, only they can beat themselves.
  12. MadCow809

    2014 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

    Asked for a tight race, did not get one. Disappointed about Kimi's incident.
  13. MadCow809

    2014 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

    yup, noob mistake from the double world champion. good job by the Ferrari crew to get the car back in action.
  14. MadCow809

    2014 Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix

    Would like to see an exciting race. I'm not too bothered about the winner, as long as the racing is eventful.
  15. MadCow809

    The Android thread

    Lovely lovely device. First time using stock android as well. Kind of weird to have most generic built-in functions removed, but the device is really snappy and responsive. Any app sueestions?
  16. MadCow809

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Lovely lovely device. <3 the resolution and the snappy response.
  17. MadCow809

    2014 Formula 1 Season Thread

    Rob Smedley joins Felipe Massa at Williams Good combo, looks like we will be hearing more "Felipe baby" in the near future. :lol:
  18. MadCow809

    Last movie you saw?

    Same here, but I reckon it was a solid 10/10 <3
  19. MadCow809

    2014 Car Launches and Testing Thread

    That is a good looking race car.