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  1. jetsetter

    2014 Cadillac CTS Revealed

    I love it. For me it is more visually appealing than the other comparable cars in its segment.
  2. jetsetter

    Father's hotrods

    My father has been amassing a small collection of sorts and I thought I would share. Ford Coupe - A classic custom with a mild small block Ford T-Bucket - Has a bored over 400ci small block, body is fiberglass and it has no seatbelts 1965 Chevelle wagon - Another small block car, has...
  3. jetsetter

    A Colder War - A novelette by Charles Stross

    Link: Thought some of you might enjoy this. I am sure some of you have read this before but it is essential a novelette consisting of the Lovecraft mythos crossed with the Cold War. It is quite good and I suggest spending some time to read it.
  4. jetsetter

    Trailer for the upcoming film "The Raven"

    HD: An interesting trailer. The film seems to take much inspiration from the 2009 Sherlock Holmes film.
  5. jetsetter

    Chevy confirms global Colorado pickup for U.S.

    No telling what engines it will come with in the U.S. Most likely gas I4/V6 and a diesel is a possibility.
  6. jetsetter

    The Truth About Who Fights for Us

    And now you know.
  7. jetsetter

    Genocide Watch bumps SA up a level due to the murder of so many White farmers Essentially South Africa has been in a downward spiral since the mid 90s. As time passes the problems are only getting worse. Canada is accepting White South Africans are refugees: A program on the murders: The South African Commando System...
  8. jetsetter

    Trailer for the upcoming film "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy"

    HD: It was already released in the United Kingdom on the 16th and I have been hearing good things.
  9. jetsetter

    Trailer for Clint Eastwood's "J. Edgar"

    HD: Looks great.
  10. jetsetter

    Trailer for "Drive" HD: Looks good and early reviews have been positive. I have high hopes.
  11. jetsetter

    Trailer for "John Carter"

    HD: Looks great.
  12. jetsetter

    Bought a Bimmer................

    Just purchased a 1997 BMW 528i. Has a five speed manual transmission and about 88,000 immaculate miles on it. It was owned by an 80 year old gentleman who maintained it perfectly. Proof:
  13. jetsetter

    U.S. ambassador carrying his own backpack!

    An interesting example of cultural differences. The Chinese do seem astonished by Locke and his behavior. One of the commentators in the video above seems to blame the CCP for the current bureaucratic mess but he seems to forget that bureaucracy has been a stable of Chinese government for...
  14. jetsetter

    Youtube Java error

    This just started today: When I click ok it then loads the videos on the side. I updated Java and am not sure what else to do. Edit: The problem was not present in IE, just Firefox.
  15. jetsetter

    The TRUTH About Who Really Owns All Of America's Debt

    An interesting list.
  16. jetsetter

    Aid and Somaliland - Mo money mo problems

    An interesting situation. If I remember correctly some have criticized the donation of large amounts of clothing to various Africans countries because textiles are usually a way for a poor country to begin development. The donated items reduce the local demand for internally manufactured...
  17. jetsetter

    Trailer for upcoming Pixar film "Brave"

    Looks quite beautiful.
  18. jetsetter

    German Court to Free Woman That Killed US Soldier

    Disgraceful. Her release after only serving 18 years is a black stain on the German justice system and Germany as a whole. A punishment of "life" should mean that she would have died in prison of old age or what have you (execution would have been ideal but I could only hope for so much). I...