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    Girls Of SEMA 2005

    Check them out, hot babes, hot cars, and HOT WHEELS. What more can one ask for?
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    exotixboard launchs version 2

    Thanks for all the comments!
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    exotixboard launchs version 2

    update: we have upgraded to vbulletin 3.5.1, and fixed almost all bugs except for an icon reload problem.
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    exotixboard launchs version 2

    VB 3.5, fully custom skin, and much more. Still have some minor bugs from the db transfer over from phpbb, but it is getting there. Feel free to scope it out and tell me what you think!
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    Gumball Rally Coverage/Media/News

    Pictures: Videos: Gumball Start Pictures: Gumball Updates Thread: All Gumball Drivers And Cars And...
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    Do we have any golfers here ?

    Yeah, canadians are crazy about golf. I have many canadian members on golfboards... It sucks because they don't really have much time during the season to play golf. Like someone in Florida or Cali would..
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    Do we have any golfers here ?

    Thanks, Bufo nice to see people I know on the forums. I have about 75% members on there from car sites I know including my own. So its like my second home in a way, cause I know most of the people from there in other places. Haha, business talk in football would be funny... Golf is a sport...
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    Hi all

    Sure, id love to have you as mods, register on the forum and pm me I will set you up.
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    Do we have any golfers here ?

    Yeah, golf is used alot to talk business, since its not so physically demanding you can talk etc.. during it.
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    New Smilies! :D

    Id like to use these smilies on one of my sites, where can I find them, if you don't mind me asking of course.
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    Site/Forum Feeds Information/FAQ

    What do rss feeds acutally do. ? Help the search engine bots find and scan the site easier to what ?
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    FG - November 8th, 2004

    nice... im listening to a few of these as we speak..
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    Do we have any golfers here ?

    Was wondering if there are any golfers on the site? If so i was just going to inform you about a cool site I recently designed. The site is, its a great place to talk, share media, exchange tips. You know kind of like finial gear forums, but about golf .. Anyways check it...
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    Hi all

    Hi all I stumbled upon this site looking for fifth gear episodes, and I found what I wanted, the "motherload".... Anyways... I just wanted to introduce my self. Im from Chicago I run a few websites (exotic car site) and also a golfing forum I have my...