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  1. The Doctor

    [11x04] July 13th, 2008

    If the DCD track that everyone's looking for is the one at 5:10, then it's certainly Lisa Gerrard but it's "Aria" from the Layer Cake soundtrack :)
  2. The Doctor

    Clarkson: Jeremy Mentions That he Sold his Gallardo in his New Article

    He should get a Phaeton as an anonymobile. If you go to Dresden to spec and pick up your car they treat you as if you've turned up to buy the whole company...
  3. The Doctor

    [Polar Challenge Special] July 25th, 2007

    I know they had support crews and satellite telephones, but that was far more excting and gruelling than anything I've seen Ray Mears or George Foreman Grylls do... Best bit had to be Clarkson's reaction to the wine!
  4. The Doctor

    [09x01] January 28th, 2007

    Fantastic episode and I never, ever want to hear someone moan that they always test British cars on dry tracks and American cars on wet ones... :mrgreen:
  5. The Doctor

    [SPOILERS - 28/05/06] Clarkson: WRONG

    Clarkson was also wrong about the S-Class being the first car with anti-lock brakes. The Jensen FF got there first and was then promptly forgotten :D
  6. The Doctor

    Koenigsegg underestimated?

    I think it's a set of luggage that's been designed to fit the "boots" so as to make most use of the space...
  7. The Doctor

    Vauxhall Vectra - best ever car. Which episode?

    I believe it was from "Clarkson's Car Years"
  8. The Doctor

    Koenigsegg CCX

    If we're thinking of the same person here, Arthur is still in trouble with the Inland Revenue and has sold his two Koenigseggs...
  9. The Doctor

    McLaren F1 on the TG track ...

    I'm met him several times and like so many professional comedians, he's an absolute bore in real life.
  10. The Doctor

    Collection of 34 Jaguars devastated by vandals...

    I doubt it would be for an insurance scam, if they'd wanted money it would have been much more profitable to torch the cars whereas the damage looks largely repairable. Also, as Lord Fraud's attempt at such a thing showed, it only takes one pair of loose lips to get you locked up...
  11. The Doctor

    Koenigsegg underestimated?

    It's working though! That blonde in the car looks interested, all our tubby, balding hero needs to do is to reel her in with a few well-timed revs :D
  12. The Doctor

    Why is there such a rivalry between Top Gear & Fifth Gea

    Although Channel 5 has a slightly more limited recepetion area than BBC, the difference in viewing figures between TG and FG is such that even if C5 had the same coverage as BB2, I don't think you'd see much increase...
  13. The Doctor


    Wasn't the S7 largely designed by RML anyway?
  14. The Doctor

    Did last season seem a bit too scripted?

    Why do people feel the need to read so deeply into things like this? There was no rush to beat Fifth Gear since the two series don't run concurrently and TG was running in its usual Winter timeslots.
  15. The Doctor

    Richard's watch

    They also make their own movements which is something of a rarity these days. The El Primero movement is very good, I'm quite tempted :)
  16. The Doctor

    Koenigsegg underestimated?

    I also hear Pagani had a hand in the JFK assassination... The main reason I dislike Koenigsegg is that the company continues to make the same mistake that so many supercar manufactuers do and exaggurate their figures. Koenigsegg said that the CC8 would easily be able to better the Mclaren F1...
  17. The Doctor

    Nigel Mansell's lap...

    I don't know but the way Jeremy commented that Stig believed a 1:44 lap was possible would seem to suggest that he wasn't capable of attaining it...
  18. The Doctor

    Best of the Races

    It's funny, the 612 race is the one I can rewatch without getting bored. As I said, I think the music plays a bit part in the "feel" of the races and whilst the DB9 and 612 races had parts where the music and action combined perfectly, I can't really think of similar moments in the other two...
  19. The Doctor

    Nigel Mansell's lap...

    How many races did the three-eyebrowed-one crash out of in his time? ;)