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  1. duh

    Andrea Pininfarina killed in motorcycle crash

    RIP. u will be missed. :cry:
  2. duh

    Koenigsegg vs Bugatti

    To me the Bugatti is like an elegant, sophisticated lady dressed in an expensive evening gown while the Koenigsegg is like that hot, lustful, bored wife next door sort of lady who's looking for a wild adventure. And personally, i prefer the latter. ;)
  3. duh

    MotoGP: Catalunya

    congrats to stoner n ducati. I'm personally a rossi fan so i'm a little disappointed, but i'm also a fan of australia and ducati so at least that's something to be happy about. Great race nevertheless.
  4. duh

    Flooding in NSW

    that's terrible. but if i may, the weather in perth's pretty damn good!
  5. duh

    World's Most Expensive Number Plate

    888 probably costs more
  6. duh

    MotoGP: Turkey

    disappointing to see rossi finish that late.. and elias.. what a ride!! Anyways, rossi did mention that istabul wasn't really one of his favourites.
  7. duh

    MotoGP: Turkey

    hayden's still not in the first row but i reckon he'll be putting up one hell of a fight. Can't wait to see this race.
  8. duh

    Who's looking forward to MotoGP?

    I can't wait to see how Rossi mounts his assault on the title. Hail excalibur!
  9. duh

    Best Police Car

    Anyone knows what that plexiglass thing on the bonnet is for??
  10. duh

    Top Ten Favorite Cars

    I don't need 10... just one. The Lamborghini Diablo SV.... I will never forget the first time i saw it in a car magazine. Totally blew me away.
  11. duh

    Porsche in an elevator shaft? how???

    Must've been a lady.
  12. duh

    Accused suspect shot 68 times...that's right...68.

    He murdered an innocent man who had a wife and children. That's good enough reason to send him to hell.
  13. duh

    [10x01] September 25th, 2006

    I thought this episode was gay.
  14. duh

    Calling all motorcyclists! I want one, need advice...

    Have a look at this 2 beauties!! They should cost around 8-grand where u live.
  15. duh

    Nurburgring Webcam

    Well speak of the devil.. It appears to have returned and it's only been 11 mins. He must've had lots of fun!! Wonder where his passenger went to.. Probably puking his heart out somewhere. :lol:
  16. duh

    Nurburgring Webcam

    Pretty wacky cars there... Check out that van.
  17. duh

    Whose ready to vomit!

    It looks really retarded... like a supermodel with three legs..
  18. duh

    The Gran Turismo 4 Photography Mode Thread

    Here's mine! Mercedes SLR getting some air time! Zonda C-12S flaming exhaust! Cizeta
  19. duh

    Lexus LFA is go!

    i think that's one good looking car.. but for a supercar status, it looks fairly dull.