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    [02x06] June 15th, 2009

    I went with a 7. I thought the G8 segments wasn't really a review but a timid piece of filler. Flying him over to the states to say "it's made in Australia...." seemed like a lot of wasted effort. Perhaps he could have drag raced some yank tanks to really shove it up em. I was left with the...
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    [02x02] May 18th, 2009

    Wow, that super clubby was awesome. I didn't think it's be THAT much faster than a standard R8. I don't get why everyone wants the news so badly, I doubt there is much news in the Australian market to create an entertaining segment. I do agree that Ian Moss was boring and Warren was trying hard...
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    [02x01] May 11th, 2009

    I enjoyed it, Skaife went nuts on the track! They finally explained the track which was helpful.
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    Gday from Australia, been getting the finalgear rips for a few seasons now, thought i'd join and say thanks.