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  1. Tomo Motorsport

    A little news, and an idea

    Congrats, man. :thumbsup: As for the car, I'd go with a classic, maybe a 20 foot pink caddy convertible.
  2. Tomo Motorsport

    Are the Modern "M" Power Cars too soft????

    She's baaaaack. Anyhow, I think that the rawness of the older M-Models has somewhat disappearred. I would like to see less creature comforts and weight, but more performance.
  3. Tomo Motorsport

    [Tuning] Je Design Audi A8 Kompressor

    I like it, and its made me wanna an A8 so I could get those mods, especially that supercharger. My mouth waters just thinking about this work of german art.
  4. Tomo Motorsport

    Blew up my a GTI VR6

    a 2.8L 172HP VR6 with a vee angle of 15 degrees I believe. Nice car. I have a 92' Corrado VR6, real nice engine. Visit for a nice selection of relatively inexpensive replacement parts.
  5. Tomo Motorsport

    [Tuning] 2006 Sportec GTI RS300

    I want that power and wheels in my corrado.
  6. Tomo Motorsport

    So let me tell you about my job...

    It's a shame that these kids dont realize that their only hope out of poverty just might be the education they're getting from this school, no matter how bad it is. Respect justin, for doing what you do.
  7. Tomo Motorsport

    Amuse Shop in Japan

    I actually like that S2K more than the GT-R
  8. Tomo Motorsport

    50 cent blings his Murcielago

    No, I'm not a 50 Cent fan, I just think you guys are making a bigger deal than it is. It's his car, what's your beef. Anyhoo, I think its pretty original and would like to see it in a different context. I don't think the driveability would be affected too much by a different paintjob. It's...
  9. Tomo Motorsport

    50 cent blings his Murcielago

    I honestly think it'll look nice in the sun. I think everyone's bitchin just cause he's a bad rapper, if Clarkson chromed his GT, ya'll would be head over heels about how good it looked. There's worse stuff out there that doesn't get as much fire, so yeah, you guys are making a big deal out of it.
  10. Tomo Motorsport

    A few Ferrari 599 GTB pictures

    Very reminiscent of the 250 GTO's. image from I'm liking it more and more, especially with those new wheels they filmed it with.
  11. Tomo Motorsport

    VW Concept A

    The rear end would look cool on a corrado replacement. But the the rest of the car just plays havoc on the eyes. These sport suv's are pointless.
  12. Tomo Motorsport

    [Concept] Dodge Hornet

    Well, personally I like it. It has a great, thought out design. It is styled aggressively and accomplishes the task of being compact and being b-pillarless, accomodating for passangers. With the 170 hp engine, its sure to be a peppy hatchback for the masses.
  13. Tomo Motorsport

    Miura Different colors

    Just thought what it would look like in orange and yellow. Original Yellow and Orange
  14. Tomo Motorsport

    Superbowl XL

    Well, I know some steelers fans who thought it was fixed. There's a petition online about this topic. For anyone who want fairness in football:
  15. Tomo Motorsport

    Help this guy win his bet!

    I bet what he means by unique, is everybody except him, otherwise it would be impossible.
  16. Tomo Motorsport

    (Preview) Freestream T1 - 1000hp/metric tonne

    Very promising car. The story is from The Official Company Website is Freestream T1
  17. Tomo Motorsport

    Final Gear Top 100 - 20th place - 7 votes

    That's why when I finally get out of college, the E46 M3 is my main goal. Then it will be to pay of those $%*# college loans.