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  1. Polly

    Imagine there's a hot new Lambo and nobody cares.

    pic: link: I blame hybrid supercars.
  2. Polly

    Gaming-Laptop Update. Worth it?

    My sister bought a 15" HP Pavilion Laptop back in 2008, mainly for playing Sims 3 w/ Expansion Packs, the thing is running a bit iffy now, she's about to finish college and the parents thinking about getting her a new one. I'm wondering if the upgrade will make a noticeable difference. Her...
  3. Polly

    78l Dodeca-Turbo V18 with 3500hp shoehorned into a..

    .. ..wait for it.. .. ..Austin Mini. [Source: Cummins] Ready for it?
  4. Polly

    Ferrari 458 Italia Challenge (Stradale Scuderia Superleggera GTS something) Spy Shots

    Sauce: Certainly looks like the real deal.
  5. Polly

    Ladies: The Internet & You

    If it's tl;dr for anyone (male or female) you can read it here as well. There are visual puns included which will prevent your head from exploding.
  6. Polly

    This is why you're fat.

    More disgusting, unethical, morally wrong and probably delicious stuff:
  7. Polly

    Where In The World Is..?

    Sometimes you've got the feeling that you haven't read anything for ages from certain members. May they be gone livin' a life, trolling around in parts of the forum you never visit or perhaps you just missed when they announced a timeout. This thread wants to help you wondering about that stuff...
  8. Polly

    Nokia Booklet 3G

    I quite like it. Wonder what will be powering the HDMI output..
  9. Polly

    Wiesmann Roadster MF5 coming to Frankfurt

    Official Press Release: Useless Teaser pic: GT MF5: Hey Wiesmann, if you see someone straying around at your booth in Frankfurt: It's me, lickin' stealin' your cars.
  10. Polly

    How about a new sub-forum in the "Automotive News / Spy Shots / etc." section?

    How about a new sub-forum in the "Automotive News / Spy Shots / etc." section? I think it would be a swell idea to have a new sub-forum in the "Automotive News / etc." section, because it's such a massive downer to have all these very interesting news about politics and economics and how Obama...
  11. Polly

    TG GP '09: The Poll - FG Edition

    I think we should held our own.
  12. Polly

    Feel Free To Randomly Propose Laptops Which Would Be Better And Cheaper Than The MBP

    Need/want: - as silent as possible - 5+ hours of battery life - 13" would be perfect - petite - <1000?/$/% New 13" Macbook Pro could be had for 950? and basically has all the specs I need, furthermore I've been wanting one for ages. But is there anything that would be considerably...
  13. Polly

    Memory Lane: 5 Things You Loved Most As A Child

    What were the top 5 things you loved most as a child, why and how did you see them? Let's keep the explanation short, so let's say two sentences max. Also, I'm very well aware that there are several ways to answer this question, so I'll start with my top 5 and you'll see how I mean it. So...
  14. Polly

    Getting UMTS or DSL Flatrate?

    Uhm.. my shitty DSL contract is expiring in a few weeks. Now I wonder if UMTS is a worthy alternative nowadays, because monthly fees would actually be cheaper for me. I only get 2mb/s right now, so I'd be perfectly fine with normal UMTS or HSDPA speeds and I think I could live with the 5GB...
  15. Polly

    Sony OLED Walkman (NWZ-X1000)

    Serious case of want. Hope the NetFront browser won't suck and has a remotely usable keypad-thingy.
  16. Polly


    Bespoke.. hand crafted.. manufacture.. Think about these words and what they stand for.. what comes to your mind? The sweeping curves of beautiful open top sportscar? The incredible smell of a fresh and handstitched leather interior? The brutal and technoid yet astounding asthetics of a...
  17. Polly

    HTPC/Media PC.. what do I need?

    I'm currently considering to ditch my PS3 since I'm not too much into gaming any more and go for some kind of HTPC, Media PC, Living Room PC or whatever you wanna call it. Basically just something small, fairly stylish, quiet and as low priced as possible for browsing, office, HD-video...
  18. Polly

    Best Display For The PS3 Under 500 Bucks?

    I'm looking for a new display to hook my PS3 up to, switching from a Samsung 23" 720p LCD-TV. I can't seem to figure what would be better for gaming and Videos, a 24"-26"-ish 1080p TFT monitor or a 32" 720p LCD-TV? Both would set me back around 400? or less over here. Mainly used for gaming (of...
  19. Polly

    Winamp or Foobar to replace iTunes

    HAI GUYS! I just threw iTunes away and I really can't decide wether I should replace it with Winamp or Foobar. I've used Winamp in the past and liked it like everybody else.. but there are certain things like that crappy browser I really don't need and Foobar seems the player to choose right...