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  1. STrRedWolf

    Spot the Stig...

    (de-idles) Must be the world-wide economy... or an effort to go faster by loosing weight.
  2. STrRedWolf

    NBC passes on TG USA

    It won't be on SPEED (which rebroadcasts NASCAR on old channels). I doubt it'll be FOX/FX ether. If NBC picked it up, but it's heading for cable, then it'll go to NBC's partner cable channel called TNT ("We Know Drama"). I do agree, though, that Discovery Channel (and it's holdings including...
  3. STrRedWolf

    Adam Carolla on the track [Video]

    Okay, I got my look at it, and it looks like we have our Clarkson. NEXT!
  4. STrRedWolf

    where can I buy Top Gear magazine in the US?

    Barnes and Noble, definitely. I saw it in a Maryland store, and paged through it... ...and put it back due to all the visual clutter. :( I saved 10 quid that day.
  5. STrRedWolf

    Forget the Veyron. Test the Mach 5!

    Okay folks, I'm a moron. I had checked the article and didn't see the disclaimer in the back. But damn, if they ever made an actual to spec Mach 5...
  6. STrRedWolf

    Forget the Veyron. Test the Mach 5!

    Road and Track review the Racer Motors Mach 5. And yes, the same one in the cartoons, made real for the up-coming live-action movie Speed Racer. Put your doubting hats on, here's the specs (more details in the article): Motor: 8.0L quad-sequential turbocharged V12 Horsepower: 1700 bph @ 8000...
  7. STrRedWolf

    The Stig photographed wearing helmet!

    Why don't we just kill this once and for all: Who wants to be Stig?
  8. STrRedWolf

    You know you watch too much Top Gear when...

    ...when you immediately change the ringtone on a new phone to Jessica (TG Theme song). ...when you start recompressing your ripped Xvid versions of TG so they'll play on your iPod. ...when you buy a 32 gb iPod Touch so you can put every episode of Top Gear on it. (I haven't done that yet).
  9. STrRedWolf

    Omid Djalili says Lewis Hamilton is the Stig

    Better there and in here.
  10. STrRedWolf

    Omid Djalili says Lewis Hamilton is the Stig

    Can't we just have a :stig: speculation subforum so we can keep this :bmwpoo: out of here? Ditto for the Stigette and the various distant relatives.
  11. STrRedWolf

    What kind of presenters would you like to see?

    All of you forget, Jay Leno's a work-aholic (as profiled in Parade Magazine). He works on the Tonight Show and on the weekends does stand-up for his "regular pay" that he lives off of. Plus all the writing he does? Come on! Jay would jump on the chance of being the next Clarkson. So, Jay...
  12. STrRedWolf

    Top Gear Cameras?

    Back to the subject at hand, you may want to have your friend look at the Pixel Corps. They do alot of video photography and produce many podcasts at (including MacBreak). It may be worth checking out as they're experimenting with the "Red" camera (a completely digital cam).
  13. STrRedWolf

    You know you watch too much Top Gear when...

    ...when you avoid any dealership that has any Smart car, because you know they're dumb.
  14. STrRedWolf

    Clarkson prints banks details - then gets fleeced

    BBC Report:
  15. STrRedWolf

    You know you watch too much Top Gear when...

    Now using the fridge magnets to build your own cool wall would be cheating. I mean building the full fledge version.
  16. STrRedWolf

    When does Jeremy do his lap?

    You also have to remember, that's with the Liana. A new one needs to be done for the Lacetti.
  17. STrRedWolf

    Some ideas for series 11

    I think they should do another train v. car race, with two possible places: Japan (against the bullet train) US (East Coast, Boston to Datona. Acella from Boston to DC, rest by regular Amtrak).
  18. STrRedWolf

    Stig Introduction Competition

    Some say the women are all wild for him and that he's good in bed... (Next intro) Some say he's on the run for owing millions in child support, and that if not stopped, his children will crowd every racetrack for years on end. All we know is...
  19. STrRedWolf

    Mrs Stig

    Of course, since there is a female Stig, we shall extend the list of possible drivers. Could the Stigette be... Danaca Patrick (IRL driver for Rahaul-Letterman Racing)? Of course, since there seems to be a few cousins, one seems to wonder... who of the presenter's mums is the Stig's Mother? :)
  20. STrRedWolf

    You know you watch too much Top Gear when...

    ...when you build your own physical Cool Wall.