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  1. NecroJoe

    2024 Ford Mustang leaks/spy shots

    New Mustang coming for MY 2024. Lots of fully-camo shots, but this was the first photo I've seen of the new nose so. Meh. I think this will be the first Mustang I'll have actively disliked since the first "revitalization" in 2005, the first new model after the "New Edge". Gauge cluster also...
  2. NecroJoe

    New wi-fi card not working, Gigabyte nor Intel of any help

    I purchased the Gigabyte GC-WBAX200 wi-fi pci-e card (based on Intel's AX200) for my existing PC (Intel 6600K, GTX 1070), and it's not working. I can see it in the device manager, but it says: I'll note that I've also seen "code 43" I've tried un-installing and re-installing both Gigabyte's...
  3. NecroJoe

    Help! Need to plan European vacation by tomorrow for sometime betwen 5/12 and 6/3.

    How would you plan a 2 week vacation in Europe? We have travel vouchers we need to spend before 6/3...and I just found out what a shit show the next few weeks will be, and I need to get something planned and the trigger pulled by tomorrow...because I may not have any more time to devote to...
  4. NecroJoe

    MST3K is officially back on Netflix today!

    We've got movie sign! Judging by the lack of reply posts whenever I've mentioned this show, I may very well be the only member here who so much as cares (:lol:), but damnit, I'm giddy as heck that my favorite show that ended 18 years ago is BACK with a whole new season on Netflix, thanks to...
  5. NecroJoe

    MST3K Returns with 14 new episodes April 14th on Netflix

    Thanks to one of the most successful Kickstarter projects of all time (beating Veronica Mars as the top-earning video project of all time), MST3K is coming back to Netflix with a new host, new cast and 14 new episodes. I don't know if they will be released all at once or one episode at a time...
  6. NecroJoe

    Let's solve this whole Electoral College thing...if it needs to be.

    i can imagine is a martian landed on earth, and the US described the electoral college, that the aliens would go back to mars, comforted in their believe that there actually is no other intelligent life in the universe besides themselves. OK, so I do totally get the concept that each state gets...
  7. NecroJoe

    Honey Mustard

    Discuss. I, for one, am a big fan. I know people who love it, and know people who are disgusted by it. I found it interesting that it was so polarizing.
  8. NecroJoe

    Photo of Air Force One landing in Cuba

    Just thought it was a really interesting photo of a historic event. Not trying to make any point beyond that.
  9. NecroJoe

    Imgur .gifv support?

    Title is self-explanatory. Thoughts or concerns?
  10. NecroJoe

    What would you do with $1,500,000,000.00

    Since there was no winner in the $900,000,000, 44-state Powerball lottery last night, the estimate is that the next jackpot will be $1,500,000,000. With "normal" jackpots, everyone always mentions travel, property, or maybe buying a bunch of cars, or guitars, or a big yacht, or whatever their...
  11. NecroJoe

    "Bring Back MST3k" Kickstarter, so far 3 new episodes will be made! About 2 weeks ago, Joel, the creator of MST3K, started a kickstarter campaign to bring back the show. So far they have raised over $3million, which means we are guaranteed 3 new episodes, and they are only $300,000 away from doing 3...
  12. NecroJoe

    The "i made dis" thread

    My apologies if my initial search missed an existing thread, but... Please share photos and or info about stuff you've made. Wood working, drawings, baked goods, guitar pedal kits, 3d printed items, etc...feel free to share the fruits of your labor or imagination. I'm currently building a 4ft...
  13. NecroJoe

    Short Portland, OR vacation soon...where should I go?

    I've flown into the Portland airport 6 times in the last 2 months, but I've only spend about 4 hours in Portland and it was while on foot, with no forward planning. However, I've liked the area enough to want to spend some time off there in a couple weeks. The only thing I know I want to see it...
  14. NecroJoe

    Ownership Verified: 2015 Mazda 3 S Grand Touring - First new car purchase!

    Proof pics at the end. GF would give me grief about wasting paper to print the profile. :rolleyes: First and foremost: Fuck you, you feathered bird-brained mother fuckers! 12 god-damned hours! *sigh* Front: Side: Notice the fogged up windows of the Hyundai in the car behind...
  15. NecroJoe

    Transmission issues - 2001 Cougar

    A few months back, I had my auto transmission rebuilt. Once in a blue moon, the car would hesitate while accelerating, revving up a bit, then bumping into gear. It happened so rarely, tht I would never remember it when it mattered. (Kinda like how you only remember that your shampoo is empty...
  16. NecroJoe

    Help me plan my couple days in NYC

    I'm being sent to Boston from Tuesday night to Thursday afternoon. After which, I plan on getting to NYC somehow, and spending Thursday night through Sunday afternoon in NYC, before coming back to Boston to fly back to San Francisco. Having never been there, I want to fit in a few tourist-y...
  17. NecroJoe

    While I hate pretty much all musicals... (Tony Awards 2013 content)

    I have to give mad, mad props to Neil Patrick Harris's opening number.
  18. NecroJoe

    The world has ended...

  19. NecroJoe

    Quick HEALTY recipes

    What are some of your "go to" recipes that are quick, healthy, and mostly use ingredients you generally happen to have around? get home at 8:30, and starving, but you know you should eat something you won't regret. Long story short, I need help. I don't open up cookbooks, recipe...