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  1. Aston Martin

    Unverified Ownership Erm, why not a third?

    I have the orange Alessi, I have the silver 4x4. The Cactus goes back in 3 weeks, I'm happy. ...however, I've been chasing this car for over a year, it was for sale and then it wasn't. I cheered myself up by spending money on the 4x4 and I bought a crate engine, I didn't need it. But it fits...
  2. Aston Martin

    Unverified Ownership My little mountain goat

    I need a new daily for when the Cactus goes back, so why wouldn't I buy a Panpan 4x4?
  3. Aston Martin

    Meet The Pandarin

    I saw this very limited edition car for sale, it was in Bradford as an MOT failure at £300 The 2014 MOT history said “bodywork damaged” it appears that the car has been grazed on the near side, which I think took the wing mirror off and left the rare bodykit slightly bruised. It failed two...
  4. Aston Martin

    The Defenders (Netflix Marvel)

    Fuck the stupid Iron Fist goes without saying, but this is the only reason why I watched that garbage. p.s. The Punisher is still coming this year, I wonder when as it doesn't look like he's gonna be in this?
  5. Aston Martin

    12v powerbank

    I am not a doctor of electrical engineering. I have a 12V Coolbox for my cab, but it's a stupid one so it has no thermostat or anything. I have to unplug it at night so it doesn't drain the lorry battery. I assume it's a heat sink and a PC fan? It works well tbf. I'm thinking about using a...
  6. Aston Martin

    Iron Fist (Netflix Marvel)

    I know nothing about this guy. All i know is Rosario Dawson turns up... Because of course she does. Remember how shitty Luke Cageseses last few episodes were? I hope that doesn't happen again.
  7. Aston Martin

    Ownership Verified: I've always wanted a Bumblebee

    As per usual with one of my car threads, it's going to start with nonsense and subterfuge. I have only ever sat in one of these vehicles once, I have never test driven a car that I've bought... And I'm not going to change now. Also from this day forth, fuck manuals. I actually don't know what...
  8. Aston Martin

    2017 Suzuki Ignis

    I always thought the Ignis looked alright... now look at this funky bastard. I think it's looks alright....... apart from the tragic quadricycle made in India arse. It's the most afterthought design I've ever seen. It's a homage of sorts to the Suzuki Whizzkidd, if only they did a boot...
  9. Aston Martin

    Luke Cage (Netflix Marvel)

    The first season is up on Netflix, I know Jessica won't be in this, but that's weird. (I know they're 'assembling' in 2018) I haven't had time to see this yet, I have a feeling ill just marathon it.
  10. Aston Martin

    Matt LeBlanc signs on for 2 more series

    I'm on my phone, but the Daily Mail are saying they're paying Matt ?4 million, up from ?500k to host the show alone. (I assume they mean studio segments)...
  11. Aston Martin

    Free magazines (May contain crummy Top Gear Mag)

    Maybe everyone knew this, or maybe no one did. But Zinio work with local libraries to give you access to over 200 magazines for free and they have app readers etc. Search for Zinio Library 'X' to see if you have access. Hull Libraries doesn't have it, however East Riding do. So I applied for a...
  12. Aston Martin

    Lagonda Taraf

    Fuck me, where has this been hiding? :blink: If i'm spending ?700K on a car, I dont want the DB9 dashboard... you lazy bastards!!! Linky
  13. Aston Martin

    Jessica Jones (Netflix Marvel)

    Superheroes are stupid nonsense... but give me all the MCU you can. Daredevil on Netflix was amazing, so I'm looking forward to this. I've only seen the first episode, but its marathon time again.
  14. Aston Martin

    GT Sport coming to PS4 Beta early 2016... But this is PD, so maybe 2025. Also VR option.
  15. Aston Martin

    UK'ers New MOT history site up

    All you need is reg and make, so if you see something on ebay. It's a great way to see a history of the car. MOT just before I bought the car: This years, no mention of discs: Obviously a different tester, so the results will never be perfect.
  16. Aston Martin

    Track Path Editor for ios and Android (Tablets only)

    I stopped playing this game a week after it came out. But, this looks cool... and about 3 years too late.
  17. Aston Martin

    Jaguar F-Pace

    Heres the key. :|
  18. Aston Martin

    Citro?n CactusM Concept

    Thats it Citroen, please start making weird shit again.
  19. Aston Martin

    Lost In Transmission?

    Just saw an advert with Rutt in this new show. Anyone seen it? Whats it like.
  20. Aston Martin

    Game: Just Cause 3