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  1. darkshark0159

    Discounted Top Gear books

    I know there are some of you on here who like to buy the Top Gear books, but I know they aren't necessarily cheap through Amazon and the likes. Anyway, I just received several 10% off (that site that sells cheap TG books with free shipping worldwide) vouchers so if anyone...
  2. darkshark0159


    As of this week, it abruptly turned summer, and it's ?hot hot hot?. :yucky: Anyway, driving up the mountain, my car rumbled and stalled again. Same exact place as it always does. This hasn't happened since last summer. I noticed when I work the car in the summer (the long 65mph uphill climb up...
  3. darkshark0159

    Forza Motorsport 3 Storefront Thread

    Post any goods you'd like us to know about here. :) -------------------------------------------------------------- So, I suppose we ought to use a format like this to make them easy to find: Name: German Plate Categories: Licence Plate, Realistic Gamertag: darkshark0159 Cost: 1,000Cr Name...
  4. darkshark0159

    CarelessAir Work Shirt - A few decisions! VOTE THREAD

    Didn't want to have to wait on mods for poll. See other thread. Please only vote if you are seriously considering buying a work shirt. Also note that the results of this poll do not guarantee the final design of...
  5. darkshark0159

    CarelessAir Work Shirt - A few decisions!

    Hello everyone! I'm going to send the final design for the work shirt to Quiky soon, and since it will probably be expensive, I thought I'd get prospective buyer input. First off, what sort of font do you want the "CREW" bit to be in? Here are a few examples: Second, the type of helicopter...
  6. darkshark0159

    FG Automotive Design Challenge - Porsche 911

    Hello everyone, and welcome back to the Final Gear Automotive Design Challenge! :) Just in case you've either forgotten or not heard of this, then refresh your memory with these links:
  7. darkshark0159

    What are your favourite/ideal driving conditions?

    It was lightly raining this evening, so I decided to go out for a nice Sunday drive. :cool: I had a fantastic time just driving through the dark, twisty mountains with the drizzle coming down and the mist coming off of the road and reflecting in my lights as a fog. It was fantastic. It reminded...
  8. darkshark0159

    Final Gear Redesigns the Jaguar XJ - RESULTS THREAD

    This was the challenge: And these were the entries: Entry 1 - American TG Man Entry 2 - Chaos Entry 3 - darkshark0159 Entry 4 - katwalk Entry 5 - Salguod Entry 6 - Supreme_Being Entry 7 - Ian Callum Entry 8 - Donington :rolleyes: Entry 9 - Public Entry 10 - klankymen Entry...
  9. darkshark0159

    Torrent size problem

    I am trying to download one file from a torrent which contains a huge collection of files (100s of GBs). The problem is that Vuze refuses to download it because it claims that there is not enough space on my drive. I have tried to mark all files except for the one I want as "Do not download" but...
  10. darkshark0159

    1 vs 100 Live

    So who here is playing the free 1 vs 100 Live on Xbox 360? Has anyone actually gotten in the mob or become the one? Has anyone won anything yet? I just started playing last night because previously the beta was glitching up on me and refused to let me play. Note: This game is currently only...
  11. darkshark0159

    FG Automotive Design Challenge #1

    Hello everyone, and welcome to the first ever Final Gear Automotive Design Challenge! :) We've spent countless hours on these forums discussing the designs of key industry figures such as Chris Bangle, and we've argued over the designs of many new cars which have been released. Some we hate...
  12. darkshark0159

    House paint on car paint :(

    I was washing my car today, and I noticed some odd beige stuff had splashed up on the very lowest portion of the side skirt. That's when I remembered the unavoidable paint spill on the interstate I faced just a few days earlier during my 2200 mi drive. UGH :mad: Any way to get that paint off of...
  13. darkshark0159

    Merc C240

    To conclude my car shopping, my dad and I purchased this 8 year old C240 with less that 50k mi yesterday! :D It's a very nice car, and I can't wait to drive it more once we get the insurance all worked out. :cool: The C240 is probably a bit of an odd choice living in Colorado, so I'll probably...
  14. darkshark0159

    This weekend's Primeval shot at TG test track?

    I was just catching up on the latest Primeval on the ITVplayer and noticed that the scenes with the G-Rex and the 747 seemed a lot like the Top Gear test track. Does anyone think it was filmed there?
  15. darkshark0159

    1.2ghz Dell for $2000 = FAIL (IMO)

    Introducing Dell's new Adamo 13. Honestly, that is pathetic. Not to sound like a fanboi, but why would anyone buy that over a MacBook Air, which is a lot better and cheaper (not to mention the many well-speced PC notebooks in this price range)? It's not exactly a looker (IMO), despite Dell's...
  16. darkshark0159

    Migrating database from web host to another

    I've been doing some web design work, and I may have to migrate a database from one webhost to another. Has anyone else done this here? Any tips or words of warning? I'll probably Google on the subject as well, but any advice would be cool. Thanks! I don't know any specifics yet, just that I...
  17. darkshark0159

    Opel Insignia - in Colorado, US!

    I was driving to Vail today, and when I was near Georgetown, I spotted a car in my side mirror that seemed unusual. I was squinting, trying to make out the badge on the grill, and thought, "heh, that looks kind of like an Opel badge...". Then it sped up and passed me, and I nearly fell out of my...
  18. darkshark0159

    Where to go on 1000USD?

    So, after giving my mother a lot of hassle about travelling somewhere, she finally gave in and budgeted me 1000USD for a spring trip. Dates aren't incredibly important, as I can just take my spring break whenever and then work to catch up during the actual break. -approx. 1000USD -approx. one...
  19. darkshark0159 Car of the Year 2008 - WINNERS *** Car of the Year 2008 - Award Winners Welcome to the Car of the Year 2008! This is the Best in Class thread where where the winners of each category are announced. You may also vote for the ultimate Car of the Year in the above poll! Here is how...
  20. darkshark0159

    Rossion Q1

    Thought I'd post the Rossion I saw (and got to ride in) a couple of months ago. For those of you who don't know it, it's the successor to the Noble M400.