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  1. Sruikyl

    No 56k: 1965 Chevrolet C10 daily driver

    This is more of a build thread but oh well. Picked this truck up in sore condition, no radiator, been parked since '09. Got it for a good price and made for a very promising project since I threw a rod bearing in my mazda. I Paid 700 for it and I've been eyeing this truck for years, so it seemed...
  2. Sruikyl

    MANual talk: Engine braking

    Okay so I got my first car about 2 weeks ago, its a manual transmission and I love it to death. This thread is the product of an argument me and my dad got into regarding engine braking. Personally I don't think its a bad thing and I use it at every light or turn. He, on the other hand thinks it...