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  1. matt_shaw

    The Police - Grammy Awards

    Anyone catch this? F*CKING AMAZING!!! They looked like they were having such a great time, I was breathless.
  2. matt_shaw

    MacBook vs MacBook Pro

    So I need a new computer for school and decided to go the mac route, but am having trouble deciding what I should get. Right now it's between the 2.0GHz MacBook with 2GB memory and a 120GB hard drive for $1,712CND or the 2.16GHz MacBook Pro with 1GB and a 120GB hard drive for $1,999CND. I'll...
  3. matt_shaw

    E-Brake PROBLEM

    When I am parking my truck on an uphill and press the e-brake it still rolls backwards. It works if it's facing downhill though. This doesn't make sense :blink: What's wrong?
  4. matt_shaw

    Star Racer

    Any Canadians catch this show last night? It was awesome! I'm sure it will be on a torrent site soon enough if you didn't catch it. Easily the best reality show on TV today.
  5. matt_shaw

    How fit is an F1 driver?

    Compared to other athletes... There has been some tension between me and a few friends who have been arguing about this for the past while.
  6. matt_shaw

    Really cool Outkast cover! Cover of *Hey Ya* aight -
  7. matt_shaw

    Tom Green Live

    Anyone watch this? I try to catch it every day I can. F*CKING HILARIOUS!!! I love how he films it in his house and how layed back it is; really seems like the guests open up more then they would on a regular interview. This thursdays show has to be my favorite so far. You watch it in the "on...
  8. matt_shaw

    I can't stop laughing!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: Just read...
  9. matt_shaw

    Why do 90% of F1 drivers/teams use Dassault Falcon jets?

    I am a bit of a plane fanatic and decided to see what kind of jets all the F1 drivers/teams use and found out that they all use Dassault Falcon jets. Why? Do they get deals or something? I have nothing against Falcon but it just seems weird that they all fly the same kind.
  10. matt_shaw

    Rainbow Six: Vegas Long load but 100% worth it! This game is amazing! The last scene when the shockwave shatters the glass is just off the mother fucking chain.
  11. matt_shaw

    LCD Help!!!

    A couple questions... 1. Will I notice a big difference between a monitor with a 800:1 contrast ratio and one with a 600:1 ratio? 2. Has anyone played an xbox 360 on a 20inch widescreen? If so how'd you like it? Should I go for a larger monitor instead?
  12. matt_shaw


    A buddy of mine is at He was just eating lunch and look what crawled over to see what was going on! I was up their last year and remember seeing alot of bears but none actually in the village. That's Canada for you :lol:
  13. matt_shaw

    Some F1 news straight from the FIA

    Microsoft supplying the ECU's:lol: To many jokes to think of! I don't know about the cornering speed thing though? Everything is fine the way it is right now. If the drivers are willing to take the risk, let them.
  14. matt_shaw

    Tips for selecting stuff

    I've just started trying this photoshop stuff so I can join you guys in all the fun :D I've been having alot of trouble selecting the different body parts that I want. With all of the shadows and other stuff it's very hard. The lasso tool has also been giving me alot of trouble, I seem to...
  15. matt_shaw


    WOOOHOOOOO!!!!!!!!! gonna get krunk tonight What kind of present was that from out government too? haha
  16. matt_shaw

    F1 Challenge 99-02

    How many people have this game? We should have a FinalGear race!!! There's really well done mod packs for the 03, 04 and 05 seasons, so lots of fun :D ps: those of you who don't have it, i might be able to provide a "treasure map" to a copy if you just pm me
  17. matt_shaw

    Big Brother - All STARS - USA version

    Anyone catch the thing on CBS? :thumbsup: These people need to get voted in Janelle, Howie, Will (the "evil" dr.) and Kaysar(the best player in BB history) Go do your thing and vote - for KAYSAR
  18. matt_shaw

    I went bicycling!

    It was sunny outside so we went for a bike ride! Get ready for some awesome pictures tomorrow, Ryan Leech is doing a demo for a festival we're having
  19. matt_shaw


    i don't even know why i try
  20. matt_shaw

    Melling Hellcat

    This car is going to be awesome! WATCH THE VIDEO Melling is a freaking genius!