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  1. andyhui01

    iBook G4 help

    So my normal PC kinda started crapping itself so its back to my trusty iBook G4 for now, I did an upgrade to 10.4.1 and for some reason, I think I didn't install the power management bit or something for the laptop because it will only run with the AC Adaptor plugged in, the entire screen will...
  2. andyhui01

    DIY port and polish All I can say is :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: How can someone be that stupid, if you read further down the thread, one guy jokingly typed, maybe you should let the intake suck up some water to thin it out, and he actually believed it... lol
  3. andyhui01

    Honda deposes Toyota as most reliable car in USA

    To further put Toyota's Reliability/Quality to Shame, here is another article that would definitely further hurt Toyota's reputation for Quality and Reliable cars. Source: Despite me being a supporter for Honda, its a shame...
  4. andyhui01

    My 2006 Honda Civic VTi-L

    So I finally got round to buying a car and I had a few options, I was thinking about this car or an Astra Coupe which I asked about in the other thread. The thing that put me off the civic was the waitlist which was about 10 weeks, so I gave up and thought about getting an Astra. The day before...
  5. andyhui01

    Question regarding Holden/Opel/Vauxall Astra 04- Model

    I've been looking around for a car recently and after sitting in several friends Astra, I loved it so much I might go out and get a 1 or 2 year old one but a Coupe version. Does anyone here actually own an Astra by any chance? My friends are not too good source of information on the cars...
  6. andyhui01

    Dec 02 - SO Town XRT/RB4/FXO [6:40]

    Date: Dec 02 Track: South City Street Circuit (Town Course) Reverse Cars: XRT, RB4, FXO Qualification: 15 minutes Sprint Race: 6 Laps Feature Race: 40 Laps Practice Time: 18:00 GMT Sprint Race Time: 19:00 GMT Server: [FG] Racing WR's as follows: XRT:1:31.99 Setup Unavailable SO Town Foward...
  7. andyhui01

    Hong Kong Offers 1GBPS Residential FTTH

    1Gbps... I would ask my dad to get it in Hong Kong in a heartbeat but none of our house equiptment and network can support 1Gbps... our LAN network was built back in 2000 or 1999 and we only did 100Mbps and Gigabit routers will be ridiculously expensive. Does anyone know if they have this...
  8. andyhui01

    Nov 25 - AS Club XRT/RB4/FXO [7:50]

    Date: Nov 25 Track: Aston Club Racing Circuit Cars: XRT, RB4, FXO Qualification: 15 minutes Sprint Race: 7 Laps Feature Race: 50 Laps Practice Time: 18:00 GMT Sprint Race Time: 19:00 GMT Server: [FG] Racing WR's as follows: XRT:1:12.03 Setup RB4:1:12.44 Setup FXO:1:11.36 Setup Allocated Cars...
  9. andyhui01

    Nov 18 - FE Gold XRT/RB4/FXO [6:40]

    Date: Nov 18 Track: Fernbay Gold Racing Circuit Cars: XRT, RB4, FXO Qualification: 15 minutes Sprint Race: 6 Laps Feature Race: 40 Laps Time: 18:00 GMT Server: [FG] Racing WR's as follows: XRT:1:33.38 Setup Unavailable RB4:1:33.41 Setup Unavailable FXO:1:31.96 Setup Allowed Cars Burnsy (XRT...
  10. andyhui01

    This is not good (for me) momo wheel problem

    I was trying to get some practice in FE Green just now and I noticed I had a funny acceleration and I could see the green stick at the corner of my eye flickering, so I pressed the clutch to see if it was at full and I saw that it was about 3-5mm lower than the clutch line. , so I checked the...
  11. andyhui01

    Oct 28 - FE Green REVERSE GTI/GT [6:40]

    WR's as follows: XF GTI: 1.27:11 WR Setup XR GT: 1.26:92 Setup Race will consist of a 15 Minute Qualifying session 6 Sprint Race Laps 40 Feature Race Laps Please join before 1800GMT Cars allowed by Racer: Prophet: XR GT Mischief: XR GT ESPN: XR GTI MXM: XR GT Jayhawk: XR GT Andy: XR GT...
  12. andyhui01

    Oct 21 - SO Classic REVERSE GTI/GT [9:65]

    Very tough combo this one, besides battling that wall, us GT drivers will have to navigate the chicane at such a high speed. WR's as follows: XF GTI: 57:95 WR Setup XR GT: 57:69 WR Setup Unavailable Race will consist of a 15 Minute Qualifying session 9 Sprint Race Laps 65 Feature Race Laps...
  13. andyhui01

    V8 Supercars Bathurst

    Seems no one created a thread for the race this year... I never realized that AU Falcon's are still used in V8 Supercars... pretty cool watching them keep up with the BA and VZ Commodores :D
  14. andyhui01 customers, need your help

    I currently am doing some research on a good/service that is traded on the internet and decided to go with, I have a couple of survey's to ask you guys who use it. I know there are loads who use it on this forum (Please only post serious answers, I might have to reference this url if...
  15. andyhui01

    Has anyone scouted around for a team to have a race with?

    As some of you may have noticed, we have a blank spot on November 4th of the team season to either have a break or seek for a team to have a race with. For the past few weeks, I have tried to look for other teams but most of them only have 4 members or less, I'm looking for one with...
  16. andyhui01

    Proposal for a New Qualifying Method

    I wish to propose to fellow LFS members for Team FG to maybe implement a new qualifying method where qualifying times are determined by Hotlapping done on singleplayer and the .spr file is emailed to a person by a deadline before each race and the grids will be according to the fastest as...
  17. andyhui01

    Sep 30 - FE Green - GTI/GT [SR:06-FR:40Laps]

    Current World Records: XFG: 1:26.04 by Partyboy Setupfield Setup XRG: 1:25.97 by Jonesy Setupfield Setup Fuel Consumption: XFG: 1.0 XRG: unknown FE Green is a very tight and narrow track with very little chance for overtaking, high apexes and harsh chicanes will easily throw or flip your car...
  18. andyhui01

    24-Season 6 *May Contain Spoilers*

    24 viewers on the forum, news on the upcoming season is out! E! Online and Zap1it There are loads of new characters as well as old characters returning such as Milo, Morgan. Season starts 20-months after the end of Season 5 back in the states with Wayne Palmer as president. Other important...
  19. andyhui01

    turbo-dta help

    I was downloading vista with dta just now and while it was joining, I was in a hurry to leave so I thought I could shut down the computer and continue to join it when I get home, but I realized I couldn't when I got home, does anyone know a solution for this to continue joining the file?
  20. andyhui01

    Sep 16 - AS Cadet - GTI/GT [SR:08-FR:60Laps]

    Team [FG]'s favourite combination so far, AS Cadet is up next. WR as follow: XF GTI: 1:02.78 by [DUcK] and WR setup XR GT: 1:03.55 by Blackman Hope to see you there, as usual at 1700hrs GMT on Finalgear's Dedicated LFS server