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  1. Ladamaha

    Warped discs on a Peugeot 206

    The title almost rhymes. Anyway...when the internet fails, turn to FG they say! Help me out now. I'm suspecting that front brake discs on my gf's Peugeot 206 are warped. The car vibrates heavily when slowing down from highway speeds. The car had the same problem just over a year ago, but it...
  2. Ladamaha

    Belgium has no purpose anymore, RIP Spa

    Belgium has disappeared from my map and I've relabeled it as Sissyland. Bunch miserable wankers. Oh, might have jumped the gun a bit, maybe there is hope. But those...
  3. Ladamaha

    LFS jumps on the laserz badwagon with Rockingham

    If you have your eye on the main forums, you may already know about the speculation but now it's official. Laser scanned Rockingham is coming to LFS in the next patch (when it's done as always). The story on the main site. I think it's awesome the most...
  4. Ladamaha

    Logitech G27

    The speculation can now end. It's real, and I hate it is. Inside Sim Racing has a review. I feel it's an poor effort from Logitech to screw over their old customers. G25 was expensive, and still is. Making a slightly improved model...