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  1. jasonof2000

    Ownership Verified: Jasonof2000's 2013 MKT class battlewagon

    My car requirements have changed massively in the last two years and my 2013 Focus ST was not sufficient for a 10 year old step daughter, a one year old baby girl and the wife being preggers again. Even with just the two girls doing a road trip down to my parents and her sisters down in South...
  2. jasonof2000

    Jasonof2000 goes to the Ford ST Octane Academy, lots of pictures.

    Over the weekend I went to the Ford ST Octane Academy. When I arrived at Salt Lake City I went to the Budget Fast Pass counter to get the car I rented (I picked something along the lines of a Fiesta or a Soul) and they asked if I wanted to upgrade to a Mustang...
  3. jasonof2000

    Ownership Verified: Jasonof2000's brand new 2013 Focus ST3

    Using a Miata as a daily driver finally broke me. I loved the car but I needed something more practical, for example when I get gas for my mower and other yard tools I have to put the gas can in the passenger foot well, I was getting sick of that. Plus I just turned 32 and my divorce will be...
  4. jasonof2000

    Ownership Verified: My 02 Miata SE

    Took some new pics after washing the car today. I've got an autocross next week, and it will be the first time I've autocrossed this car. I'm also trying to get a buddy of mine to go and bring his Challenger.
  5. jasonof2000

    Car Overlays

    Keith Tanner (the guy who runs Flyin Miata) has a post over on the GRM forum with several interesting overlays of old and new cars that was inspired by the Toyabru size chart. Here are some examples. 2011 Camaro vs an E30...
  6. jasonof2000

    An excellent article by a 28 year Republcan Congressional staffer,

    A long read but it is a good article. He comes off as REALLY bitter but I think he has it right, both parties stink but the Repubs much more so. These two lines jumped out at me: For people who profess...
  7. jasonof2000

    BBQ and smoker thread

    I have been playing around with a smoker (an electric El 'Cheapo Brinkmann) for about a year now and have made some delicious brisket, ribs, pork and smoked pecans in the thing and today I decided to try my hand at pulled pork. Here is my starting Boston Butt (the pork shoulder with the bone)...
  8. jasonof2000

    My "new" 02 Miata SE,

    Just got the car yesterday right in time for winter. The important bits, 6 speed, LSD, 55K miles.
  9. jasonof2000

    The Koch brothers, astroturfing and funding the tea party, A great article about the Koch brothers who are behind a lot of "libertarian" orginizations and major funders of the tea baggers. They basically want to turn America into a 3rd world country with no regulation for...
  10. jasonof2000

    Smacked Miata,

    I decided to work some overtime today and on my way home from work the woman in front of me driving a Saturn SUV slammed on her brakes and attempted to turn left, I slammed on mine and slid into her about at about 10 or 15 mph since I couldn't swerve to avoid her. The damage is limited to the...
  11. jasonof2000

    97 Miata and 04 SVT Focus @ Miata's at the Gap

    Last weekend my wife and I went to a gigantic Miata meet up at Deals Gap, it was a great time. We decided to bring both cars since at the end she'd be heading back down to Florida and me back to Virginia (we are currently separated because I took a job up North and she'll be moving up later...
  12. jasonof2000

    My other car, 1997 Madza Miata

    Last year I bought a 97 Miata from my parents. I picked it up as an autocross STS2 class and 3rd car for me and my wife. It only had 42,000 miles when I bought it. Right after getting it. So far my mods are front and rear Flyin Miata sway bars, Flyin Miata exhaust, Koni shocks, FM springs...
  13. jasonof2000

    Popular Mechanics interview with Adam Carolla

    Popular Mechanics just did an interview with Adam Carolla about the show. Some of the highlights.
  14. jasonof2000

    My 04 SVT Focus

    One of my cars is a 2004 SVT Focus, it has just over 40K miles and I love it, it handles great. I used to autocross it but have not since I got the Miata. It is almost the same as the Focus ST-170 (different interior and bumpers). At the beach the day I got it. At my first autocross...