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  1. haz

    My new 2001 BMW E39 Wagon

    Continued from this thread The start of a love story.. Do I need this car? No. Did I want this car? HELL YES. It?s a 2001 520i automatic 5 Series BMW E39 Touring model, which means: it?s the...
  2. haz

    PLEASE talk me out of buying a BMW E39 wagon!

    I NEED HELP! I have a crush ... her name is E39 and she was born in the year 2000 .. I am meeting her tomorrow. She is really cheap and I think she is a future classic. Thing is - I just bought a Tesla Model S 75D and I really don?t need more cars, I have no space for one more either. SO...
  3. haz

    Ownership Verified: My Tesla 75D is on a boat from Muricah :D

    YES!! Finally my turn to own one of these bad boys :D Some of you may remember that I purchased a brand new eGolf in late march this year and it has been a pleasure to own and drive that car. So, what happend? I rented a Model S for a week earlier this summer, that?s what happend.. So my...
  4. haz

    Ownership Verified: Just got my eGolf :)

    Hi guys - first post from me in a while.. Most likely signing a deal on an eGolf (last model of the 300 km range) this week as I now have a long daily commute. And since EV cars are allowed to travel in the bus lane in Norway: I will shave off approx 45 minutes each direction, plus it?s...
  5. haz

    Model X launch Impressive stuff.. personally I liked that "Bioweapon defense button" the most :D (Better video quality here )
  6. haz

    CEL appears in my BMW E90 - tips/ help wanted :)

    So the Check Engine Light appeared on a long drive yesterday in my 2005 325i automatic. Engine runs as normal, nothing unusual / weird sounds or anything. Did some Googling and according the The Interwebs it could be emissions related, gas cap not tightened all the way on, or that it just...
  7. haz

    Parking sensor dead after small bump

    So I backed my E90 BMW 325 into a wall today at a very very low speed, (was barely moving) and I can?t even see a scratch on the rear left sensor at all - only a small scratch on the bumper right next to the sensor. Now I have a "PDC sensor failure error message" and the PDC does not work. Any...
  8. haz

    Olympic Games NOT coming to Norway, IOC members with crazy demands !!

    IOC handed over 7000(!) pages of demands for Norway if they were to host the the OLympics, some examples: new exclusive road lanes only for their cars green lights only for their cars hotels has to hold 20 celcius 24/7 hotels has to provide a butler for each IOC member avaliable 24/7 IOC...
  9. haz

    New Mercedes C-Class interior is so sexy! (And I'm a BMW guy..)

    I mean.. look at that dash! The buttons, the tablet, the door speaker. So sexy. Thinking back at the newest car I drove to compare it, which is the Mustang, I must say Mercedes is doing some impressive interior-work these days. Two thumbs up!
  10. haz

    Touch down NYC!! Anyone on FG here?

    So I am finally settled in my NY appartment which I will be staying in for almost two weeks, so excited! Anyone on Finalgear in NYC at the moment? Would be great to hook up! I?m greatful for any suggestions on things to do and see while I?m here. Am at lower east side Manhattan. btw: ?ber...
  11. haz

    Hotels outside of NYC

    Anybody have any great tips for a hotel/ motel outside of NYC I should consider? I am going to land at JFK tomorrow at 8 in the evening (will be 02:00 for me Norwegian time, my flight leaves Norway at 18:00) and I will pick up my rental car there and head for Illinois. But I need a few hrs sleep...
  12. haz

    VW E-Golf

    So I have family member (no not my brother, he is happy with his Tesla Model S) who is keen on getting himself an EV for him and his family and had decided on the new mark 7 VW E-Golf. As many know, Norway has zero taxes on EV which not only means you save $ on the purachse but our laws also...
  13. haz

    Rental Mustang: is this a great deal?!

    Going to the States and need a car for about 5 days. I'm thinking that Mustang stands out, but it seems really low priced? These rentals are showing with 25% off.
  14. haz

    My US roadtrip + NYC stay: want to help out with some travel tips?

    So I'm going back to the US this summer, just for a few weeks :D Haven't been back since 2001 and before that I stayed a year between 97-98 at a host family in IL. I land at JFK july 31. st and I plan on picking up a rental car right away and head for IL to stay at my old host familys house a...
  15. haz

    Ownership Verified: 325i - bought unseen!

    Just picked this up a couple of hrs ago! It was an hour drive away so I went with my gut feeiling (it was just service) and got it unseen :blink: Here is the ad. So I sold my Box.. Asked you guys for replacement-advice and basically ended up with this 05 325i automatic. It?s done 90.000 km and...
  16. haz

    New iPhone/ restore back up issue

    Feel like a noob here but.. I have a problem when trying to restore my latest back up. I just changed jobs and took a back up from my iPhone 5 before deleting it and returning it to my last employer. Got a new iPhone 5 S (SAME SIZE) from my new job yesterday. iTunes says "can't restore from...
  17. haz

    Replacing the Boxster, what to get now?

    I realized my boy dream of owning a Porsche this summer, and now I'm selling it again. (When the last snow leaves in march). This is normal, I switch cars about once a year. Cars are my passion and I want to experience ownership of as many different cars as possible. I like German rear wheeled...
  18. haz

    Ownership Verified: 2000 2,7 Boxster

    Sold the BMW and VW bug and got a Boxster as an all year round - every day car :D This is the 2,7L version that came in 2000. It has 157.000 kilometres on the clock, has a complete service history and came with a full ppt. Seems in great condition! Seller also showed me receipts for around...
  19. haz

    Should I get a Porsche Boxster as a all-year-round car?

    As title says; can it be done? I am asking because I just sold my summer car (having two cars in the city is dumb) but I still want something fun to drive. So I thought; what if I compromise? And can a Boxster be that car? The reason why I am unsure that is smart is that we (obviosuly) get a lot...
  20. haz

    Tesla pressconference yesterday

    Was invited to Elon Musks pressconference via my brother yesterday and he helped set up a live stream which was recorded and uploaded here (skip to 25 min) Elon talks about the Model S and Superchargers coming to Norway etc. Very interesting for those...