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  1. POWERRR!!

    PS request (quick clone job)

    Could anyone kindly do this quick edit for me? Right now, I'm in the middle of preparing a slideshow presentation for my photojourn class. I've this one picture ruined by an unwanted subject (woman peeking on the door). I tried cloning her out myself, but my brush skills aren't as good as the...
  2. POWERRR!!

    Securely deleting files

    Alright. I just got an RMA for my laptop, but before shipping it off for service, I would like to make sure that none of my deleted files are recoverable. I would be red in the face if someone unearths my bestiality pr0n collection! I know there are utilities that do this, but which one? I...
  3. POWERRR!!

    Macbook meltdown! HALP!

    Alright. My sister tripped over her Macbook's power cord causing the computer to crash from the table top to the floor. (Magsafe FAIL!) The computer was still bootable, but she now couldn't access certain files (looks like damaged sectors to me, Sudden Motion Sensor FAIL!). Despite that, the...
  4. POWERRR!!

    Got $99,000 to spare?

    If so, get your hands on one of these! B&H currently has stock of this $99,000 super rare (only 12 in existence!), 1200mm f/5.6 super-telephoto lens. Girl not included of course. But for that price, Canon oughtta consider.
  5. POWERRR!!

    Apples new wave of iPods.

    Engadget is currently doing a liveblog of Apple's Special Event in San Francisco. The Nano - 4GB and 8GB versions for $149 and $199 respectively. Features an improved UI. The iPod Classic - 80GB and 160GB versions for $250 and $350 respectively. Thinner that its predecessor and features...
  6. POWERRR!!

    Brake pedal pressure in F1 cars

    Martin Brundle has described many times that it takes upwards to 85kgs of brake pedal pressure to slow an F1 car down in heavy breaking areas. Now 85kgs is a lot of weight! Some of the drivers probably don't even weigh that much, which is why i'm having a hard time believing that tidbit of info...
  7. POWERRR!!

    Clean up request

    I'm asking any kind and generous soul to do a bit of PS clean up for me. Basically I just want the livery cleared out, leaving a plain white car as a result. The markings on the sidewalls stay though. Thanks in advance to anyone who'll try to make an attempt. :) I've tried doing it myself, but I...
  8. POWERRR!!

    F1: Indianapolis

    I bet Alonso will have this race in the bag as well! So has anyone else here subscribed to Speed TV's On-Board pass? For $14.99, you'd have access to pit to car audio, up to 6 on board videos, and other stuff as well. I just purchased a subscription and i'm actually taking a day off from work...
  9. POWERRR!!

    F1: Monaco

    what? no one cares about f1 anymore that i've to start the monaco thread? :lol: anyway.. qualifying. what a rotten old dog that michael schumacher is! :censored: i hope he gets penalized and ends up in the back of the grid tomorrow!
  10. POWERRR!!

    ny auto show pics

    pics i've taken at the ny auto show (april 14-23). it's quite disappointing to be honest, as a lot of the cars featured were trucks, minivans, suv's, and domestics like cadillacs and lincolns. even the merc and bmw displays were a let down! all they had there were their shitty SUVs...