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  1. TBoneUs

    Striped bolt holes? Can they be fixed?

    So my car repairing geniuses. I striped a wheel bolt hole this weekend at the track (dont ask me how the damn wrench was set at 82ft/lb) So is it possible to fix them or do i just need to replace the whole hub? edit: Oh the irony, my new wheel studs got here today... just in time to be of no help.
  2. TBoneUs

    Help pick a car to replace my Grandmother's Corvette.

    So there are lots of 'help me pick a car' threads. But this will be one of the most unusual/cool. So background: My Grandmother: As you can see here in this three year old picture, she drives a C6 convertible. And trust me she doesn't drive like a grandma. She drives like a bat out of hell...
  3. TBoneUs

    Least Likely Car to Be a Car Bomb

    So I was driving along with a friend the other day and there is a guy in a SAAB 9-3 Convertible with a huge box in the back seat. I casually asked what would on earth could be in a box that big, only for my friend to make the smartass remark that it was a bomb. Well obviously it wasn't a bomb...
  4. TBoneUs

    Looking for a Jack

    So since I got my lovely set of track wheels/tires I have been using the between stupid and monumentally stupid method of using my emergence jack to change at the track. So after being chewed out I feel the need to get a jack. However looking around they all seem to be crap or really expensive...
  5. TBoneUs

    Jalopnik: The 38 Coolest Porsche Racing Posters Ever

    I decided to put this in the motorsports section as I figured we would be the people who would care the most about these. Feel free to move it if it belongs somewhere else. But Jalopnik has posted a bunch of super high res vintage racing posters from the Porsche media site. A bunch of them are...
  6. TBoneUs

    Mein Fast ('08 MKV GTI)

    So I have had this for two years but I have yet to get around to posting it. I present my baby. An '08.0 Volkswagen GTI MKV, unashamedly with DSG. Happily does double duty as both my daily driver and track/autocross car. It is a blast to drive, I love it, and realize I frankly don't deserve it...
  7. TBoneUs

    Why is my university requiring me to install sophos on my Mac?

    So I just got an email from campus ITS and it seems that I am required to have Spohos antivirus installed within two weeks or I cant connect to the internet. I find this very strange as I am running OSX. And beyond that they specify that the new policy is required for Mac users as well. Dont get...
  8. TBoneUs

    Where to find cool car/racing T-Shirts?

    So I am really low on T-Shirts and the finalgear shirts got me thinking. Where are some good places on the net to find cool car and or racing related t-shirts? Can be both US or abroad as long as they ship to the US. And yes, I own or have ordered all the FinalGear shirts.
  9. TBoneUs

    How Should I Occupy my Time: Stuck in an Airport

    So like it says in the title I am stick in the San Antonio airport and am board out of my mind. So what to do? Ask final gear of course. I have four more hours to kill minimum. Supplies: iPhone (all movies on phone have already been watched) $15 Backpack creapy priest across from me. A read...
  10. TBoneUs

    10 Year Engine Freeze?

    This is odd. I thought they were going greener. I am betting ferrari likes this. to bad for Honda.