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  1. anti-net

    Motorsport as an Olympic sport

    I really hate the Olympics, none of the sports interested me. But why don't we have motorsport as an Olympic sport? I've been thinking about it and it makes a lot of sense, its very popular, lots of nations do it. BMX Racing is now an Olympic sport why can't Motorsport be one too! My idea is...
  2. anti-net

    Help anti-net learn how to cook

    So in 64 days as of Sunday, 20th July I _should_ be moving to Birmingham to go to University to study Computer Science (yay! - Dream come true!) but I can't really cook properly, I can basic stuff like pasta dishes and so on but despite best efforts I can't really live on that alone and getting...
  3. anti-net

    Thinking about getting a MacBook

    But I want to know if anyone has any opinions on them, or alternative suggestions. Have you owned one and was it good? I'm going for the macbook because I need something small, light and powerful for uni next year. I'm going to be travelling between Cornwall and Birmingham (the crap one in the...
  4. anti-net

    FIA plans to resurrect Formula Two

    From So...what's going to happen to GP2? Also ?200,000 won't get you much in motorsport to be honest.
  5. anti-net

    Camaro confirmed for Europe, may not be branded a Chevy

    Good news its coming to Europe and in RHD for the UK :D I think it'll be badged as an Opel/Vauxhall. Vauxhall Camaro, kinda works.
  6. anti-net

    London Mayor Elections & UK Local Elections (Warning: May Contain Britishness)

    So Yesterday voting began for UK Local elections, which typically aren't really that important, but since Labour and Gordon Brown have been struggling in the polls after 10 years in power. So this vote, that won't see any change of power on a national level is just really an indicator of how...
  7. anti-net

    Limited Edition Seat Leon Cupra with 285BHP!!

    From Motor Authority Personally, I approve! I love the Leon, but not this ones price tag but its one way of having a very quick family car :D
  8. anti-net

    Graffiti village name change plan - its current name is "Lunt"

    Source: BBC News I don't like that I'm getting censored :(
  9. anti-net

    Top Gear: V12 Vantage

    Thought the guys that don't get TG Magazine might like this, its a test of the V12 Vantage prototype. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4
  10. anti-net

    America desperate for more Smart cars

    Source: Motor Authority They can have ours, if they want :) My question is this, Would anyone here actually buy one? Personally I'd rather have a real car ;)
  11. anti-net

    Insurance prices outside of the UK

    Not quite a technical question but more of a financial one, I've nearly got my driving licence and obliviously I want a car! However, I live in a city, I'm 18, I'm male, this all means high-insurance. And I mean...REALLY high an example: Mk1 Vauxhall/Opel Corsa 1.0L is in insurance group 1 - I...
  12. anti-net

    New Jaguar XJ

    Source We'll have to wait to see what it'll REALLY look like becuase I believe they've just put an old body on it, they did the same with the XF by putting an Ye Olde S-Type body on. - I like the spotlights though!
  13. anti-net

    Preview: 2010 E-Class (56k: It'll take a while)

    Front: Back (Saloon): Back (Estate): Source For Some reason they appear to have made the front pig ugly there no need to separate the lights!
  14. anti-net - Any good?

    I've only recently got into Sports car racing and endurance racing and have been looking for a good source of info and news. Daily Sports Car looks good but its a ?35 a year fee to access content. Is it worth it? Also can anyone else recommend any other sites?
  15. anti-net

    Aston Martin DBS revealed

    Source Not as fast as I had hoped, I kinda thought it would have been a 200mph+ kinda thing Love that there is no flappy-paddle crap, just a good old fashioned 6speed
  16. anti-net

    Lotus Exige used on Top gear is up for sale!

    While having a look on for a car I stumbled across this: Source
  17. anti-net

    The Create Barn Hoax

    From Source: