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  1. zookiemike

    The lack of employment/Laid off/Thread

    Well i caught the axe. After four years and dodging the bullet for three major ones it was my time. I worked for orchid orthopedic solutions in Holt Mi. We manufacture medical implants for many medical firms around the world. Zimmer,smith and nephew,stryker, So on. Knees and hips. I was in...
  2. zookiemike

    The 87 and 88 Toyota's

    Heres what I drive. The black one is my daily and has a Schneider performance 270-60 cam and it used to have a weber 32/36. Now it has a stock carb on it. I was tired of re jetting the thing every time the temp changed 10deg. this is the one with 267k on it. It's a beater but that makes it...