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  1. Dr_Grip

    20 for 2020 - post your lockdown year top tracks

    By initiative of @public , here's a thread to share our end-of-year playlists. So basically, the wordy, curated, nerdy version of the Spotify Year End thingy. This is a thread-starter post, I'll work on my personal top 20 in a separate post.
  2. Dr_Grip

    Rust N Dust Dirt Track Racing Jalopy at Teterow, 19.-21.7.

    As I am making a thread in another forum, I'd like to point out that Rust N Dust is an event worth visiting. It's a race for pre-59 US cars and motorcycles on the Bergring Teterow, which basically is a dirt track hill climb which, thanks to a well-build return road, can also be run as a circle...
  3. Dr_Grip

    2019 Icetrack Meet - Return of the Ditch!

    We are all back from Pudasjärvi and we had a splendid time! Pics go here!
  4. Dr_Grip

    Group build! Mk1 Escort wagon

    So, last year, our buddy Humphrey crashed his Mk 1 Escort Rallyecar. It was put into storage and due to a dire financial situation and ridiculously expensive parts, not much happened. So we decinded to take action when seeing a complete Mk1 for less money than the spares would cost. The "good"...
  5. Dr_Grip

    Race 61 - Finowfurt Rock N Race Festival 2016

    As each year, I gathered my group of friends and we went to Race 61: As usual, bands from all genres of driving music from instrumental surf to stoner rock were playing, there was a starter girl contest, races were held, but mostly, it was time to send you brain on holidays, do some daytime...
  6. Dr_Grip

    Race 61 - Rock and Race Meet at Finowfurt near Berlin, 24th-26th of june

    Hi guys, as each year, I'll attend Race 61 these year with my local wrenching/drinking buddies and some guys from Basically, Race 61 is a competitive drag race for pre-1961 cars, a show race for pre-1976 cars and a huge party for everyone else. See pics here and here. Thus, I...
  7. Dr_Grip

    X-Files - Mulder and Scully are back for real

    After a mediocre movie, the X-Files return on Sunday as a six-episode mini series. I can't wait. Gillian Anderson is hot as ever, Ducovny is back to looking like he never got a blowjob from a nun, all is well.
  8. Dr_Grip

    The European Gay Car of the year is...

    NOT the ND Miata! It's the 2015 Ford Mustang! In a surprise announcement that totally got missed by the FG folks when it was made three months ago, the 2015 Ford Mustang has been named the "European Gay Car of the Year", which was celebrated by Ford with an Mustang-themed float on Cologne's...
  9. Dr_Grip

    Ownership Verified: Detroit Steel: The CraigB/Dr_Grip 1972 Ford Country Sedan adventure thread

    (with some help from Spectre) As most of you know, I've been on the hunt for a classic US V8 wagon for the better part of the summer. The rationale was to use the combined facts of a) me going on US holidays anyways, b) me having a steady job and c) me not having any financial responsibilities...
  10. Dr_Grip

    Race 61 - 1/8 Mile Rock and Race Meet, Finowfurt/Germany

    I spent another great weekend at Race 61. For those who haven't read my earlier writeups, it's a 1/8 mile drag race with a car show, rock and roll concerts and a bit of a fair attached. In a way, it is more awesome than the N?rburgring because the socializing takes center stage, without the...
  11. Dr_Grip

    Krautsourcing: Help Dr_Grip find his piece of Detroit steel!

    As some of you might know, I am planning to purchase a late-60s to early-70s, preferrably pre-smogger full-size wagon in the US and bring it back to Germany with me. Thanks to cash for clunkers and the fact that the concept "wagon" never caught on in the same way as it did in Germany, good...
  12. Dr_Grip

    A question to the Swedes

    Would anyone be willing to send some Snus my way? It's one of my co-worker's birthday tomorrow. He lived in Sweden until six months ago and is always complaining about him missing Snus. EU health bastards forbid the sale of Snus in Germany, thus he's in for a dry spell if we don't help him out...
  13. Dr_Grip

    Orphan Black (TV Series)

    Now, that's something special right there. Orphan Black makes stuff work that should not work. The pilot starts with Sarah Manning (played by Tatiana Maslany), a British small-time crook living in Toronto, returning from a coke deal gone south. At the train station, she witnesses an...
  14. Dr_Grip

    Romania goes full Borat: public tv airs christmas carol about burning Jews

    I know that Borat technically was Kazach, but the lyrics of a christmas carol that was aired on Romanian's public broadcaster TVR3 Verde last week are in the same league with Borat's version of the Kazach national anthem: src
  15. Dr_Grip

    A bunch of Beetles and a racing pig

    Last Saturday, I visited the Porsche Museum at Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen. It was quite interesting, even if at the end it became obvious that Porsche's museum lacks a bit of the diversity of the Mercedes Museum because Porsche really only made one car all the time. Nevertheless, you got much closer...
  16. Dr_Grip

    Simple TeX problem

    Due to reasons I won't go into right now, I've spent the last few hours modifying/butchering the Springer Academic Publishing TeX Class. The only thing I can't wrap my head 'round right now is the chapter heading format: \def\@makechapterhead#1{{\parindent\z@\raggedright\normalfont...
  17. Dr_Grip

    Shopping Queen

    Even if I may risk having my man-card suspended or even revoked, I'd like to know if there are other international versions of the most consumerist, unapologetically capitalist reality tv/game show format since "The Price is Right"': "Shopping Queen". The setting is simple: Five women in a city...
  18. Dr_Grip

    2013 Belgian Grand Prix - Spa

    With Felipe Massa explaining that today's F1 cars are too good as he can go flat out in Eau Rouge now which takes the challenge out of the corner, Kimi Raikonnen skipping the Thursday media briefing due to sickness and Alonso being fastest in FP1, we head into the Belgian Grand Prix...
  19. Dr_Grip

    "The Monuments Men": Hollywood liberals vs. Nazis

    George Clooney writes, produces, directs and stars in a WW II caper about a group of art historians saving mankind. Also starring are Matt Damon, John Goodman, Bill Murray, Cate Blancett as well as Hugh "Lord Grantham" Bonneville and OSS117 himself, Jean Dujardin. Given the political alignment...
  20. Dr_Grip

    FG Swedes: Looking for a lawyer in Sweden

    Dear FG Swedes, as some of you may have gathered from my posts, the company I freelanced for is behind on the payment of my last invoices. Thursday will mark the fifth time that a promised payment did not occur. I think they need some encouragement to pay up - encouragement in the shape of a...