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  1. Derek

    Ownership Verified: Diesel Daily Driver (320d)

    I seem to have accidentally bought a BMW. It's a MY09 320d with the full blown M-sport pack. Lets see how long the suspension is going to last on these terrible roads. One thing is for certain, I'm getting rid of these run flat tyres as quickly as I can. Things I plan to do with it: - Try to...
  2. Derek

    Dakar 2011 Discussion Thread

    Dakar is about to start and we didn't have a thread on this yet, so I felt free to open one. This year's route: New car in the field: Classes: Rider's list: Teaser video: Official website:
  3. Derek

    TSA Takes Nail Clippers From Soldier With Rifle

    One more for the TSA hate-machine. :lol:
  4. Derek

    Travel: Maybe going to California

    So a vacation is in order, and California (+ surroundings) is on the list. I've always wanted to do this and the plan is to go fully Americana on this, Mustang convertible, lots of driving. The thing that remains is; where to drive to? I have sort of made up a route in my head but I don't...
  5. Derek

    No 56k: Exotics sharing parts with reasonably priced cars

    I came across this on another forum and thought it would be worth crossposting: The Maserati Gran Turismo shares the tail lights with a Ford Mondeo The side mirrors on your Aston Martin Virage, they're actually from a Citroen CX. The tail lights on an XJ220 are from a Rover 200. The...
  6. Derek

    The Best Fastfood Chain?

    As the title says, what fastfood chain do you prefer?
  7. Derek

    So I've got a new website

    And I was hoping you guys could help me improve it design wise. (No, It's not spam, it isnt an e-store or whatever, just a personal site for my portfolio and stuff.) Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think! Thanks.
  8. Derek

    The General Motorbikers Discussion Thread

    I was surprised there wasn't such a similar thread yet, given the fact there's quite alot of bikers around here. I'm guessing we could use this to chitchat about motorbikes without having to open a new thread for every little thingy. So, I'll start off; I've finally decided to work on my bike...
  9. Derek

    What's your mobile phone history?

    Basically, I'm curious with what brick all of you guys started, and what you have now. I'll start myself. I started out with the Swing by KPN (a big dutch carrier). From that I made humongous leep skywards with this tiny (still by today's standards) phone. The Ericsson R600 After having...
  10. Derek


    I recently came across a Motorsport Management online (free) game, called BATracer. I'm participating in the F1 2002 season and V8 Supercars. Apart from 'real' seasons, you can create your own 'game', so that's what I did. I created the Final Gear league (I'm so good in coming up with names...
  11. Derek

    Just saying hello (again)

    Hey! Ahhh, feels good to be back! After a somewhat turbulent period in my personal life, not being able or just having no time to visit this site, I'm back! For good I hope. :P Of course I remember a few of you guys, and hopefully some of you will remember me. There is the god of them all of...
  12. Derek

    Forza Motorsport - Central Topic

    This is the place where you can drool on Forza Motorsport which should be released in February for the Xbox. It supports Live! :shock: Just to give you a slight impression: (Special screenie for you Renesis :P) (Yes, its The Ring!) A list of all the cars featured in the game: A Tracklist...
  13. Derek


    My 100th post! :D (sorry, I just wanted attention :ph34r:) :lmao:
  14. Derek

    Top Gear ripped their intro tune!

    I was listening to a fresh album, Guitar Legends. I Came across a song; The Allman Brothers Band - Jessica. It is EXACTLY the same as the intro tune from Top Gear, the only diffrence is that it's instrumental rather then electronicly farted out of some machine (or electric guitar, but thats...
  15. Derek

    Jeremy won't like this..

    :lol: An advert from Top Gear on the Morgan Aero! :lol: :shock: