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    What do you consider to be a food crime?

    Guys, what makes you angry when it comes to food. Let me start off by saying goes responses will be highly subjective so don't get too worked up. These things really piss me off Well done steak Ketchup on steak Ketchup in general it's pure fucking sugar Cutting spaghetti/noodles Pineapple on...
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    Have you lost any relationships with friends/family over religion?

    First off, let me say that this is not an anti-religion thread in any way. A good friend of my cousin got thrown out of her house because she became atheist, her mother was really deep into Christianity and would quote the bible in everyday discussion and attend church. She basically told her...
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    Post and share pics of your gaming/home theater set up.

    Hi, guys, got inspiration for this after reviewing old threads I've been interested in this for a while, always looking for inspiration and cool ups. Hoping to see some impressive stuff, I will post my own pics soon enough, I am using mobile internets for now but I will return later. All...
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    Forza 6 Officially announced.

    Not much info as they just tweeted the announcement. Announcement video sauce Hoping it won't be long before the car list is up. :mrgreen:
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    Deadly Ebola virus, spreads to city of 2 million.

    Source Time to put those doomsday plans into action, folks. :P In all seriousness this is a crazy situation, never seen the potential for an outbreak of this scale before. The medical world is likely shitting a...
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    Bad habits.

    Thought this could be.interesting a thread qbout bad habits we have picked up over the years. Mine: Picking at scars Tend to leave lights on due to mild forgetful tendencies. Often having computer muted for porn purposes, this can lead to me checking over the speakers, audio settings etc until...
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    MMA 2012.

    So the New Year is almost upon us, so time for a new thread. 2011 was a great year for MMA, let's hope 2012 is the best year yet.
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    Post your spectacles

    So my fellow four eyed Final Gear members (don't take offence I need glasses too), I was just cleaning my glasses and had an idea for this thread. Take a pic of, or link to your glasses, also in hear we could discuss things such as getting new pairs, prescription sunglasses. There are quite a...
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    Advice for a Lightroom n00b.

    So I downloaded a trial version of lightroom, so I can try editing my shots and I need advice. Also I figure this thread will be good for other lightroom newbies, so please post tips in here, also I will be back with questions. Thanks.
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    Apple patents slide to unlock

    Sauce - Looks like Apple is really determined to finish off Android and gain monopoly over the smart phone and tablet markets. :(
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    Topeka, Kansas no longer prosecuting domestic abuse cases due to budget cuts.

    Source: That is seriously low these people deserve justice not this treatment.
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    Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

    Been keeping an eye on this one, should be good. The return of the zombies, back in Raccoon City, gameplay more action orientated once again.
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    Want to buy my first DSLR - advice please.

    So I am looking to buy a DSLR camera, I feel I have gone as far as I can go with my compact digital camera. Things/features I would like Image stabilisation either in-camera or in the lense. Full viewscreen support. - Poor eyesight plus manual viewfinder FTL. RAW file support. Preferably to...
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    Help, my PC just got hacked!

    I was browsing in Firefox using my PC when AVG 2011detected a threat in the form of VLS.exe, I moved it to the fault but then all my programs were shut down and whenever I try to open a program it opens up an open with dialogue box. Also windows security has been deactivated. I need some...
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    Game: New Star Trek game.

    Trailer from E3.
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    Homeless women could go to jail for 20 years for illegally enrolling son into school

    Sauce. Wow, just wow. All she wanted was for her son to go to a good school to get a good education and she gets this treatment. Yeah she may been convicted of crimes in the past, but still she should have the right to...
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    Nintendo officially confirms Wii replacement

    Sauce here -!5795241 Looks like they are going integrate touch screen into the controller and they say it will be siginficantly more powerful than the PS3 and Xbox 360. They will unveil it at E3 and are going to release it in...
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    Anyone here good with Fraps?

    So I want to capture some footage from Live For Speed, but I can't seem to get it to work right, anybody here willing to help a Fraps noob out. OK, so I set the frame rate and 60hz/60FPS, I made sure to do this on ATi Catalyst, Fraps itself and on the LFS options, but when I review the captured...
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    Game: Yakuza 4

    So the latest instalment in Sega's beat-em-up RPG series hits stores on March 18 as a PS3 exclusive, I know I am gonna be getting it. Anyone else looking forward to this one?
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    How to set an MP3 file as ringtone on HTC phone?

    So I got an HTC 7 Trophy Windows phone and I want to use a track from my music as a ringtone but can't find any options in either the Zune menu or the tones menu to set an MP3 as my ringtone. Anybody else know how to do this? All help appreciated. :)