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  1. Blind_Io

    Mechanical Keyboard recommendations?

    I have a Havit keyboard, while I love the action, it hasn't lasted very well; the 10-key and arrow keys are starting to die. Does anyone have a mechanical keyboard they recommend? I'd prefer one on the quiet side so I can type while on a video meeting and not have it picked up by the mic.
  2. Blind_Io

    GM recognizes California's authority to set emissions rules.
  3. Blind_Io

    Toyota announces remote start to be paid subscription on all vehicles. Time to jailbreak your car.
  4. Blind_Io

    Next-Gen Ford Ranger As usual, the US won't get the good stuff like the diesel engines and it's doubtful we will get the manual transmission, no word yet on EV or hybrid variants. If Ford follows their past pattern, they will launch with the...
  5. Blind_Io

    Rumored BMW R1300GS to ditch Telelever. TL;DR - BMW is trying to take over the vacancy left by the Multistrada when it moved to a 19" front wheel. There is more substance to the rumor after this concept render was revealed to have been commissioned for BMW...
  6. Blind_Io

    My brother is kind of a dumbass

    My brother is kind of a dumbass. A few months ago he drove his Xterra ('08, MT, essentially the same one I have but newer and without the good stereo) home from the desert in 4WD and I think drove it several days like that. He messaged me saying it was broken because it was handling funny; not...
  7. Blind_Io

    For Bronco Hybrid leaked The owners manual for a hybrid Ford Bronco has been leaked online, supporting the rumors of a hybrid powertrain being in the works. I think this would be brilliant for range, economy, and the torque of electricity...
  8. Blind_Io

    Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 4xe (hybrid)

    @ninjacoco got her hands on one: I'm pretty excited about electrification making it's way to the off road market, although I think this was a fairly conventional approach from Jeep...
  9. Blind_Io

    Toyota taking on Jeep and Ford? Trademarks "Trailhunter" name I really hope this is Toyota responding to the market with a real hardcore off roader to take on the Wrangler and Bronco. The TRD Pro 4Runner just can't perform to the same level as either Wrangler or...
  10. Blind_Io

    Audi abandons internal combustion engine development. This is an indication of a new direction for the entire VAG, including Lamborghini and potentially Ducati.
  11. Blind_Io

    Ownership Verified: Track bike (n) money spent on a way to spend money.

    I filled 30% of the garage space left by the sale of the ST1300. This is a Yamaha R6 that's been built to race specification (hence the number), I'm still waiting on the title since the seller is in a neighboring state. Apparently he has a fleet of bikes that he's consolidating, he keeps...
  12. Blind_Io

    43% rise in EV sales indicate we are near the tipping point of mass adoption.
  13. Blind_Io

    More EV fraud shenanigans.

    From our own Stef Schrader: TL;DR (but seriously, go read her breakdown of the alleged fraud scheme and Hindenburg's potential bias) - Chinese EV startup Kandi "sold"...
  14. Blind_Io

    GM changes sides, aligns with Biden and California against Trump's emissions rollback plan.
  15. Blind_Io

    Consumer Reports Reliability Report

    Yeah, I know what we all think about CR and cars, but it does affect sales and the industry: Infographic at the bottom of the article:
  16. Blind_Io

    Jaguar/Land Rover files suit against most of VAG to stop US SUV imports TL;DR - JLR says VW is using their terrain management technology without permission, infringing on JLR's patent.
  17. Blind_Io

    As Biden eyes expanded EV infrastructure, advocate groups push for 100% EV future.
  18. Blind_Io

    Toyota takes a page from Grand Tour, patents mobile recharge drone. An autonomous battery drone would drive out and begin charging. The patent says "on the fly" which would be pretty sweet, but it will most likely be used to service cars...
  19. Blind_Io

    Bagger Racing.

    "I'm relevant!" screamed HD into the void. Indian only had two bikes in the race, both podiumed in 1st and 3rd. HD was 2nd, and made up the entire rest of the field with 3 DNFs. Race rules limit entries to either the Indian Bagger or Touring and the HD FL Touring. I'd love to see someone go...
  20. Blind_Io

    Rant: Stop trying to "F1" MotoGP.

    Yes, I just verbed "F1". I don't know if "Verb" can be made into a verb, but I just did that too. <rant> Auto journalists, I get that you love F1, but when asked to cover MotoGP, please stop trying to make it into F1. It's not F1, and we don't want it to be F1. Half the time I read an...