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  1. Z4MCoupe

    Small things that you notice in Top Gear

    I think we should have a thread like this. Let me start: From 13x02 notice Richard's mistake Lamborghini LP670-4 SP And then in 15x06 corrected Also in 8x06 guys obviously had a good time (notice the 'water' on the left): You noticed something interesting lately?
  2. Z4MCoupe

    Top Gear Magazine (digital copy)

    Does anyone know where I could buy TG magazine digital copy with a Visa credit-card? I've googled it but nothing came up. Thanks. :cool:
  3. Z4MCoupe

    Top Gear involved in production speed record (Veyron Super Sport)

    Quote from the site: What do you think it is? PS. Can someone find any information on who was in the Veyron when they broke the record? :blink: