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  1. newschool

    Will you boycott the show? I will.

    Can't he express his opinion on here? I mean the thread is asking a question and there is a vote. Why force somebody to leave? Seems like the same discours we see in the media... extremely one sided without any space for an adult discussion.
  2. newschool

    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    I sincerely hope James and Richard gives a big f*ck you to the BBC if they ask them to continue topgear or make another show.
  3. newschool

    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    Communism in the sense that the government choose what is good or bad for the public. A stupid argumentation over food should never be affecting either party's job. Assault is a personal act. I can punch anybody I want, but I will suffer the consequences, personally, not at my job, even if I am...
  4. newschool

    Jeremy Clarkson Suspended Over Fracas

    I am reading the latest pages and everybody is completly missing the fcking point. The hotel doesnt matter. The freaking warm food doesnt matter. Even the producer itself doesnt matter. What matter is why a 1 vs 1 argument, or fight, or bitch slap has to be resolved in a full public manner...
  5. newschool

    [16x04] February 13th, 2011

    28:20 (introduction of zonda tricolore) amazing beat starting off with sirens, any ideas?
  6. newschool

    Top Cars in Brazil

    I was hoping you would post some real-life photos... so here is a video of Florianopolis (richest city in Brazil?) I gotta admit tho, its 50/50 cars,ladies :cool:
  7. newschool

    TGR host's Nikolai Fomenko leading a Russian supercar project

    For other pictures including the factory :
  8. newschool

    TGR Subtitling Project: current status, information

    GREAT ! and here is the video : But jeez they are already at Season 3... I will need to learn some Russian in the end just to keep up...
  9. newschool

    [15x05] July 25th, 2010

    At the end of episode, they asked for the audience to stf* and Jeremy didnt use his usual "bombshell" line , he just looked vaguely at camera. That says it all about the Senna film.
  10. newschool

    [15x01] June 27th, 2010

    Exactly. It felt more like a "warmup" episode. The only part I truely enjoyed was the Reliant extensive road-test.
  11. newschool

    Why no H264 rip ?

    I noticed the SD rip of TopGear is now 550mb instead of the usual 700mb , but still encoded in AVI. Why not switch to the better encoding of H.264 ?
  12. newschool

    [15x01] June 27th, 2010

    2 quick questions : what is funny about "peta 23 from essex" and for the connoisseurs, in what car Jeremy is driving off at the end of the reasonable car segment (to me it sounds like an AMG black) On the show: The Robin was the best part, I mean, great action right on the first corner...
  13. newschool

    The new Mclaren is here...

    What a dull looking car. Even ugly. Immensely disappointed. The F1 was beautiful because of its simplicity, it was really function before form. I believe they wanted to do the same thing there, but consciously. Thats why they fucked up. It looks like they tried.
  14. newschool

    TGR Subtitling Project: current status, information

    I will stop the melting of Kilimanjaro's glacier for a translation of TGR season 2.
  15. newschool

    Top Gear Russia

    BUMPPPPP I need my dose of vodka.
  16. newschool

    [14x06] December 27th, 2009 [South America Special]

    Brian, I understand your pain. It was a pretty lame special compared to... well all the others specials. Right at the beginning, when they took 1 day just to get the cars on the ground, and not even properly, I knew it was going to be a long ride. Basically the Romanian episode, and even the...
  17. newschool

    [01x09] September 13th, 2009

    I will donate for translation.
  18. newschool


    True. It was trying to be fun and good. Thats what TopGear is.
  19. newschool

    Top Gear coming to Qu?bec (Canada's french province)

    Yes, let's all speak English in every countries. The problem would be resolved no? Same thing with food, let's export McDonalds and crap fast-food all around the globe. Wait a minute...
  20. newschool


    Fuck FifthGear. Seriously Im applauding. The only (and last) recent episode I watched, they were all dress in fluo like teenagers , trying hard to be funny at every seconds and excepting us to be excited about a car that cost less than my mountain bike.