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  1. newschool

    TGR host's Nikolai Fomenko leading a Russian supercar project

    For other pictures including the factory :
  2. newschool

    Why no H264 rip ?

    I noticed the SD rip of TopGear is now 550mb instead of the usual 700mb , but still encoded in AVI. Why not switch to the better encoding of H.264 ?
  3. newschool

    Topgear on Porsche

    I never know what they really think about Porsches! Clarkson tested the 997 Turbo and said it was perfect but still no passion. Then they did Carrera 2 vs Carrera 4 and the C4 was faster on the track but The Stig said the C2 was more fun to drive. When the Cayman came out , Clarkson said it...