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  1. Blackout89

    Hitman: Absolution

    Number 47 is back! Trailer: Gameplay Demo: I think it looks great. The new AI and the new stealth sytem look awesome and the instinct(or whatever it's called) that highlights the guards and POI and lets you blend in when you are in disguise looks promising. The only problem I have is...
  2. Blackout89


    Since a few other liquors already got thier own thread, I thought I start one about Rum. So what kind of rum do you like? Do you drink your rum neat, on the rocks or mixed? What kind of rum-based drinks do you like? When I want to quench my thirst or just get drunk I nomally go for Cuba...
  3. Blackout89

    4-Door Koenigsegg? I think this coulb be quite interesting but I haven't found any renderings yet, so no idea what it will look like.