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  1. dragonboy3000

    Restoration Ripoff Probe

    Remember the Probe 16 from restoration ripoff WAY BACK in series 5 that didnt win. Well it's finished. It looks really nice and its good to see something so rare and old and important restored back to its...
  2. dragonboy3000

    Which episode?

    Please help. I have looked everywhere to find a particular episode that featured a certain car and cant find anything. Im trying to find the episode that featured the Jaguar R-D6 Concept car in one of those in studio quick look over appearances. (if you dont remember this is what it looked...
  3. dragonboy3000

    Top Gear Trio Caricature

    Hi everyone. Just had to share this with everyone. Around end of last year, a national competition for the best caricaturist in OZ was hosted here in WA. It's mainly people who do the exaggerated cartoons of politicians and issues you see in newspapers. It's called the Michael Collins Caricature...
  4. dragonboy3000

    Series 2

    Sorry to start a new thread but i DID search for the previous thread that was titled along the lines of "SBS to Air Season 2" or something similar but nothing popped up. Anyway, i would of posted my question there. When are we going to see the replacement rips of season 2 from SBS that aired...
  5. dragonboy3000

    I miss caravan destruction

    Now i know going on holiday in one and then setting it on fire was probably the ultimate and is why they probably havent destroyed more in a while. But i wanna see some more. I miss the self-satisfaction of watching one being destroyed in some car related way. I mean i watched all of the...
  6. dragonboy3000

    Top Gear Season 11 Awards - RESULTS!!!

    Ok everyone, all the results have been collated and here are the final awards based on majority votes. You may not agree but majority rules. Here are the awards for Eleventh Season of Top Gear Funniest Moment: Hammond being a 'Bad' Winner Best Car Review: Mercedes CLK63 AMG Black Edition Best...
  7. dragonboy3000

    Top Gear Season 11 Awards

    VOTING IS NOW COMPLETE! s suggested by 'HITMAN' in the best episode poll, i thought i'd take it upon myself to start this up and perhaps it can be done every series from now on. It's a good idea! There will be 10 awards given out as below. Well here we go with the ones that i think should be...
  8. dragonboy3000

    Which episode?

    Ok, this one is pretty specific but i hope there is someone who may remember or know which episode this was in. It was one of the news segments, the one when Hammond showed the PT cruiser convertible. I just loved his reaction to it, how much he hated it and just couldn't look at it. So, anyone...
  9. dragonboy3000

    Cheap Car Challenges

    It seems that we are getting more and more of them:thumbsup: When they first appeared with the ?100 cars and from then we would only get one in each series. Then in series 10 we got two of them, the Africa episode and the British Leyland cars. Now in the latest series 11, we're getting three of...
  10. dragonboy3000

    Censored pic in the news

    As discussed in other threads, the pic that was showed in the news and was censored was supposedly a pic of someone making love to a range rover. Was it this or something else, and if so has anyone actually seen this pic and is there a link to it?
  11. dragonboy3000

    Fairy light headlights

    I'm guessing that a new trend on the way in terms of car exterior design is putting those fairy lights underneath headlights. The most common example of course of this is the gorgeous R8. But it's also on the S6 and even the brand new Saleen Raptor Concept, and i'm sure its on a few other cars...
  12. dragonboy3000

    'Vintage Top Gear' on SBS

    Hey there, Im so glad since SBS had put Vintage Top Gear starting from Series 1 on Australian tv. It means now i can download the better quality eps (which im doing right now). But now there's a hiccup for getting series 2 and onwards which so far are only available as rips from BBC Prime. For...
  13. dragonboy3000

    Top Gear and the Bugatti Veyron

    Hi all, I recently watched an episode of fifth gear where Tiff Needell drove and tested the Bugatti Veyron. He was allowed into the Veyron factory (which was absolutely gorgeous filled with at least 15,000,000 pounds worth of Bugatti. He then road tested it normally and then did performance...
  14. dragonboy3000

    Series 7 Query

    Hi all, Every series they have a montage of what's going to be on in the coming weeks of the series. I was watching the one for series seven obviously in the first episode of series 7 and at 1:34 we see richard hammond being shot at in a car. I saw a similar clip in a previous early montage...
  15. dragonboy3000

    Series 11 -Stars in A Reasonably Priced Car

    Hi, Watching previous SIARPC segment that the majority of them are males, i know they have had many females but not as many. I think that for season 11 they should have more females than man though. There are plenty of female celebrities out there. My list of SIARPC for season 11 would be...
  16. dragonboy3000

    Top Gear Set/Furniture

    During the Lewis Hamilton everyone must have noticed that Jeremy and Lewis were watching his lap on a gorgeous brand new flat screen TV. Why don't they use that during the star in the reasonably priced car segment and the news, in stead of the current crap tv they're using because of the top...