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  1. monkeymax

    Farewell MR2, Hello Astra. Wait, what??

    I... well... uh...... :cry: Oh well, I guess it kinda makes sense for all the reasons you listed (but if I can afford more than one car as a student... :lol: ) I don't come online for a bit and just popped onto here and also noticed a new avatar - then realised who it belonged to... As I...
  2. monkeymax

    Back in Black: Ferrari F50 & F430 (+ details)

    Top-to-bottom, looks to me like, Oil Pressure, Oil Temperature, Coolant temperature. 'Fraid I'm going to be another fly in the ointment too - in a different way though. I absolutely love the detail shots, but the shot of the pair together (the first one) just looks to me like it's had HDR...
  3. monkeymax

    Lens Flair

    :lol: Ummm... thanks...? ;)
  4. monkeymax

    Lens Flair

    Merete's Butterfly has just reminded me of one of my photos from last December that I never got around to putting up. Not quite bright enough, unfortunately, but the butterfly didn't have the patience for me!!! :) Still...:
  5. monkeymax


    Hmmm, might not bother then... :( Rented the first movie and wasn't impressed... if this new movie really is like that, it's probably not worth the hassle... Shame... :(
  6. monkeymax

    Lens Flair

    Went for a small climbing walk yesterday with a few friends, to explore some old bridges over disused railways... This is my favourite shot for the day - just a real annoyance that my mate is not in focus... :( (we were under the bridge and it was quite dark, so low f number and the camera...
  7. monkeymax

    My Lada 2107 Racecar Project

    That's what I was wondering... ;) Something about the BMW Power sticker... :D
  8. monkeymax

    Monkeymax's White 1987 MR2 SC

    When I was in Scotland last September, I had a two hour ride in a V6'ed Mk2 - with the 1MZ-FE. Awesome. Seriously, seriously awesome. Again, the engine the car should've had to have been a proper tourer. And the sound... makes you do a sex wee every time the loud pedal is pressed... even if...
  9. monkeymax

    Monkeymax's White 1987 MR2 SC

    Yup, definitely GT cars - but very very good at that! I don't know a thing about the 2.2L 5S-FE, but the standard 3S-GE we got in the UK was a 2L non-turbo. The 3S-GTE is definitely the one to have. It's fantastic in a straight line. But I'd still take a Mk1 or Mk3 over a turboed Mk2...
  10. monkeymax

    Monkeymax's White 1987 MR2 SC

    It's a good thing there's no photographic evidence of me about to hit the engine with a hammer to get the supercharger off then!!! :D Luckily a friend was in the workshop at the time and stopped me before I could start... and sent me home. I was really getting that frustrated with both my...
  11. monkeymax

    Classic cars

    No idea if there's an accepted age - I think it really depends who's asking... :lol: According to my insurance company, all three of my cars are classics! Even though the Pug is a pile of... Well, okay, it's actually a great car that I joke about all the time! :) But they go along the...
  12. monkeymax

    No 56k: Prodrift Europe Round Two

    :drool: Exactly my sentiment. Personally, I really liked each photo there... Very very good! (Well, okay maybe picture 1 isn't quite up to the same standard as the rest, but still really like them!)
  13. monkeymax

    Lens Flair

    A quickie taken at a barbeque...
  14. monkeymax

    Monkeymax's White 1987 MR2 SC

    Thanks for the reply! :) It's nice to know that people actually read them (and so it's worth continuing to write them!). I must admit that for me reading similar threads (on other forums mostly, though) in the past has inspired me a lot to do these, and taught me a lot about what an engine...
  15. monkeymax

    Monkeymax's White 1987 MR2 SC

    Spent a while wresting to get the engine on the stand, then had another d'oh moment when I realised a much easier way to do it! I've been itching to get the cam covers off for ages. So... Some serious cleaning required...! So, Sunday was a good day - the first one I've had in a...
  16. monkeymax

    Monkeymax's White 1987 MR2 SC

    Definitely time for an update!!! Work has been keeping me absurdly busy, but of course I hadn't forgotten about the car (even if I couldn't get to work on it!). I struggled with bits trying to remove them from the engine - in particular the Supercharger. But it just wasn't playing ball and I was...
  17. monkeymax

    Summer Roadtrip to "Davos to Stelvio" and N?rburgring Nordschleife

    Well, seeing as I can't do the Nurburgring meet in July (I'm all booked up for July already... :( ), I'm gonna be watching this thread just in case... ;)
  18. monkeymax

    Wireless Headphones

    Shawn, they sound like the noises I got from my rubbish built-into-the-motherboard sound card I have. Can you borrow & test another sound card from someone? Or maybe even try the headphones with a different source (e.g. an iPod or something). Otherwise, you've probably got duff units as has...
  19. monkeymax

    FG N?rburgring weekend meet - July 19th/20th, 2008

    Yeah, that's just rubbing it in! :(
  20. monkeymax

    The "New Toys" Thread

    Yup, I recently bought a 250GB HD for my MacBook Pro - the 100 is constantly filled up... ;) Also got 2Gigs of RAM - unfortunately mine is also only Core Duo which means that's as much as I can use - which is an absolute pain... (the work I'm doing even eats that up straight away!)