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  1. larswey

    Ownership Verified: (Possibly) My first sensible car purchase. 97' Audi A6 quattro - The diesel van

    This is the thread for what could be the most sensible car purchase I've ever done. The car is a 1997 Audi A6 avant, quattro underneath and a 2.5 litre R5 diesel at the front. All connected via one of the best gearboxes ever made, the 01E 6-speed manual! Some rust was to be expected, after all...
  2. larswey

    Ownership Verified: My impulsive purchase of the "big six" - '88 E34 535i

    This is the thread for my 1988 535i that i bought from Joe (Loose_unit) on the .fi meet. It all started back in november when Adrian and I went to Germany to pick up his Donkervoort. We met up with Joe and Tim and after being driven around for just a few hundred meters in Joes car I fell in...