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  1. LoudPipe

    Sirs, in which episode did this happen?

    I think it was Tom Ford who interviewed some UK traffic safety researcher and the dialogue went roughly as follows: R: "The statistics seem to indicate there are no fatal traffic accidents with a starting speed of less than [ridiculously low number, maybe 25] mph." TF: Oh I see. Maybe we should...
  2. LoudPipe

    The Torpedo Run!

    Hey, I recently bumbed into this event that's held in September. It's an adventure run across Europe, during the event there will be for instance a visit to a DTM race, Pagani factory and N?rburgring. The accomodation will be first class, as will be the parties that are held every night. I'm...
  3. LoudPipe

    The perfect ass

    This is one reason I'm happy to be a guy. It also shows why gays are wrong. click here to see an awesome piece of ass
  4. LoudPipe


    Okay, I think it's time for this now that the STR-10 Coupe is out. Based on looks and looks only which is your favorite Viper? (Comp Coupe & other special models excluded) My vote goes for the GTS :thumbsup:
  5. LoudPipe

    Uday's 550
  6. LoudPipe

    Anybody good with Daemon tools?

    OK, when I try to mount images, I get them mounted, but Daemon tools doesn't specify a drive letter. Not even manually. I just updated to the latest version but that didn't solve anything. Anybody able to help?