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  1. XYZviper

    Tesla Semi & Roadster presentation

    Tesla SEMI truck & new Roadster What? No news about that? Nothing? :mrgreen: Tesla is shaking the world again and doing it in style. I love it! I know it might not deliver 100% from the very start, but this is the future and things will move to that direction forward and beyond. As with the...
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    Blade Runner 2049

    Who will be doing the music? :mrgreen: 1st trailer
  3. XYZviper

    National Geographic - MARS

    :) National Geographic - MARS IMDB Music by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis. EP1 EP2
  4. XYZviper

    Untitled Matt Damon / Bourne Sequel (2016)

    Director: Paul Greengrass Writers: Matt Damon (screenplay), Paul Greengrass (screenplay), Christopher Rouse (screenplay), Robert Ludlum (characters). Stars: Alicia Vikander, Matt Damon, Julia Stiles, Tommy Lee Jones, Vincent Cassel. IMDB All there is so far. :)
  5. XYZviper

    Tesla Boy - The Universe Made Of Darkness

    Tesla Boy - The Universe Made Of Darkness Anyone listened to this? Second best album on iTunes after Random Access Memories. And it really is!
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    Anyone knows what is the font used on the second top logo? :)
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    BMW M3 CRT

  9. XYZviper

    Save The Ring! (Nurburgring)

  10. XYZviper

    Yahoo! account

    How do You create it? I need a new account, so I need a new Yahoo! account. But when I try to create it I get this message. At firs I thought it is because I typed 2010 as my birth year, but then I've tried with 1984, 1910 and still it thought I was a child. And as a parent You need...
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    Hi, now I'm running Win7 64bit. My system - C2D 2.0Ghz, 2Gb RAM, M8600GT, 160Gb HDD. When I use uTorrent, it EATS all my RAM (1.7 - 1.8 - 1.9 Gb constant usage). And I cant do anything normally, even browsing through folders and internet is like on an VERY old system. My downloads are set to...
  12. XYZviper

    Vector request

    Hi, I need a vector of a footballer in action (European football, with foot and ball involved in the game :)). The player shown only as a silhouette. Trying to make an ad to hang in schools to recruit children for football lessons. The ad will be in A4 size or smaller. Maybe someone has...
  13. XYZviper

    How it is done?

    Hai! Does anybody know how to do such a photo (photo below)? I have about a half of the idea how to do it - panning, longer exposure, blast the flash (flash not on camera I think) at some point. But will I get the effect? Those rear light tails are what I'm looking for, and had such an idea for...
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    Hi Is there a program (small one) that could add a watermark on a photo quick and easy? For example, I have a logo and I want it on 10 or more photos. Photoshop is not an option - to big. Thanks. :)
  15. XYZviper

    Cartoonish character request

    Hi! :) I need a cartoon like character. Maby someone could draw one for me? The drawing must be simple. The charecter - self confident, arrogant, little bit funny and likable. It can be 70` disco style or 80` Miami Vice... Thats the idea! If someone has some free time and willing to help I...
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    Need to indentify a song

    Hi everyone! :) Maby someone knows the name or the artist of the song that plays in the web site during the intro? :D
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    BMW 4 door coupe

    So, MB made the CLS, the first 4 door coupe. Audi are making the A7 which also be a 4 door coupe. Porsche are making The Panamera, Astom Martin The Rapide (Aston doesn't make them yet, but they have the idea right, hope they will). Dont know for sure will the last two be the direct competitors...
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    Anyone here whached it? What are Your thoughts? :) Wich countryes did You like? Why? I just loved Russia, Ukraine and Iceland in some sort of interesting way. Sweden :thumbsup: Good that we made up to the finals! :D
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    Happy Easter!

    Happy Easter everyone! :D