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  1. Whappeh

    I have 3 free guest passes on Steam for Red Orchestra: Who wants them?

    Any takers? First come, first serve!
  2. Whappeh

    [Men's Style]I need a suit... help me internet!

    I need a good suggestion for a place to get a grey, slim fit suit for a wedding party. Does anyone have any ideas, because in our time of dispair, I turn towards the internet for help!
  3. Whappeh

    MLB '11 off-season Thread (Hot Stove!)

    So now that we have a decent World Champion who doesn't reside in a shithole called The Bronx, we can have our off-season thread! 1) How much will the Yankees spend? 2) Where will Cliff Lee fall? 3) Trade rumors involving your team?! 4) Will the Cubs be unsuccessful next year!?
  4. Whappeh

    08-09 WRX/STI Questions

    I'm coming up on a change of career and am getting some money. Housing payments aren't an issue, and so I was thinking about investing in a new car. I currently drive an 06 2.5i MT. I love the car, but feel its lacking a bit of the oomph.... and my lady can't drive the manual, so anytime we go...
  5. Whappeh

    Mortal Kombat trailer: Game or Movie? Both please?! I just saw this posted somewhere else. Everyone is trying to guess if this is going to be a movie or a video game. I'm hoping for both.
  6. Whappeh

    Dear Armed Final Gear member:

    You are famous.
  7. Whappeh

    Conan "Coco" O'Brien back on TV in the Fall! Frankly, though, I think TBS is a bit of a poor move. Nobody watches Lopez Tonight, and putting it on at that timeslot puts it up against some heavy hitters (Letterman, Daily Show/Colbert). Anyway, rejoice in the return of the...
  8. Whappeh

    Who here works in a Car Dealership? (Doing anything)

    Does it really suck? I figured it wouldn't be as awesome as "OH I LOVE CARS ERGO I LOVE CAR DEALERSHIPS". I have a chance to work as a salesman (maybe) at a local dealership and I wanted to get the Final Gear truth.
  9. Whappeh

    Help me diagnose a problem

    Since it got cold (Cold is a relative term, but I'd say since it has gotten and stayed under ~50F) my transmission is acting a bit funky. Going from First to Second when going up the gears, and going from Third down to Second is usually hard to physically move the shifter. It feels like going...
  10. Whappeh

    Top Gear Mag got a shout out from Conan O'Brien

    Just happened on national TV (well, last night, I'm on my DVR), he said the Ferrari 599 GTB drives like ass (in hoping that he would get a free one), and then said it was "Top Gear Magazine's Supercar of the Year". At first I was like :| then I was like :lol:
  11. Whappeh

    MLB '10 Regular Season Thread

    Early start, as the Regular Season doesn't start for nearly 6 months, however, I wanted to get a jump on Hot Stove and Off Season by making next Season's thread. This thread will be for all MLB baseball news/talk during the 09-10 Off-Season, and the 2010 Regular Season. Sadly, no WBC this off...
  12. Whappeh

    Commercials you just think are great

    You know, I was going through the other thread (the commercials that suck thread) and realized there are a ton of really awesome ones that people from around the world may appreciate. So which ones do you love? Which ones are funny? Which ones do you think are amazing? Total badass...
  13. Whappeh

    Explain me this, Forums Dot Final Gear Dot Com.

    How in the name of all that is decent is one supposed to operate a manual car at speeds under 25 mph? 1st gear isn't enough, 2nd gear is too much. If I leave it in first all the old people in the parking lot going for Sunday strolls look at me like I'm evil, if I switch to 2nd the car shutters...
  14. Whappeh

    Rim Weight Things

    So I bought a new car a while ago, drives great. Noticed the steerwheel shakes a bit. Thought I needed an alignment, but checked the rims for bends or anything of the sort, noticed the front left rim has none of the little weight things the rest of the wheels do. Issue?
  15. Whappeh

    Easy way to check % of Window Tint?

    Figured this would be general automotive. I hit the googles with no avail. Is there any easy way to check your window tint to see if it falls into the legal limits? Like a PDF you can print that would show darkness, etc?
  16. Whappeh

    Help! I doubled the size of my engine!

    All that talk of Imprezas in the ultimate Evo build thread made me want to buy one, so this morning I bought in haste. I hope I won't repent in leisure. Went out and snagged a clean 06 Impreza 2.5i. Yes, its not a WRX or an STI... but for the price I paid, and what I got on my trade in...
  17. Whappeh

    Would an Audi of over over 100k miles worry you?

    I found a few good deals price wise, but the engines seem to have some wear (100k+ miles on each), for relatively new (2002 and 2003) Audi A4s. Should I be worried, or would that be worth ~$7000? Edit: I was typing to fast on the title and meant to say "Of over"...
  18. Whappeh

    Nikon Lens help: Is AF-D good for motion?

    I'm looking to pick up a couple new lenses before next year's photography trips start for my self. I saw this lens: 80-200mm F2.8 AF-D. Now, that is apparently meant to be used for ultra accurate flash...
  19. Whappeh

    A few shots from "Roar N' Soar 2008"

    Normally, I photograph aircraft for a website ( So, when I heard about "Roar N' Soar" I packed up the RX8 and drove the 100 miles or so to get to "Fantasy of Flight", a place that is basically a huge ass storage place for some rich guy's aircraft that he lets the public go in and...
  20. Whappeh

    Al Jazeera does some reporting

    Can I come live with one of you Europeans? Please? zRqcfqiXCX0