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    Which episode is this clip from

    Yeah, it's from the episode where he visits Italy and interviewed this guy who tests Ferraris all day long as the commentary said. From what I remember, the chap he interviewed owned a Fiat Panda. Imagine driving that TO work, then driving a Ferrari 599 AT work? :D
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    [01x06] November 24th, 2002

    I am trying to find a piece of music used in this episode. It is the Spanish guitar music used when Hammond is testing the Z4 in Portugal. Have had no luck finding this since it was broadcast. If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it!
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    Top Gear returns - May 7th 2006

    Hmmm... I have my doubts, but perhaps that's this new feature that, according to, is "an idea of such brilliance all other programmes will be copying it by the time the year's out".
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    [08x00] February 12th, 2006 [Winter Olympics]

    Hey, JAT. Would really appreciate it if you could check - there's quite a few of his works that I quite like having heard them on Top Gear so I'm thinking about buying some of his CDs. On the subject of Craig Armstrong, I was wondering what the song was that was played in episode 07x02 when...
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    [08x00] February 12th, 2006 [Winter Olympics]

    Song not in list Song not in list Does anyone know what this music is? It's not on the list: 00:59-01:16 Clip HERE. I've definitely heard it before, albeit just with the piano and without the aggressive synth sounds. (Unless it's two songs merged together?)
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    [07x02] November 20th, 2005

    Thanks for that, semt-x.
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    [07x02] November 20th, 2005

    Is it "Rise" by Craig Armstrong?? Is it "Rise" by Craig Armstrong?? 51:42 - 54:04 - Craig Armstrong - Rise Firstly, I believe the times to be 51:42 to 55:33 (not 54:04). If the version of "Rise" that I have is anything to go by, I'm certain this is incorrect. On the UKTV version, it plays...