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      The following is a post is by a member who managed to caress the following information (Ferrari's product map for the next few years) from his dealer.

      //Yes, Ferrari is separating its model range into GT sportcars and hardcore sportcars. I suppose in close future F-model range will develop in such way:

      1) Entry level F-car will be "F149", which will be priced approximately as current F430 Berlinetta.

      2) F430 replacement model or so called "F142" will be much more hardcore and pricey F-car in comparison to current F430 series.

      3) 599 GTB will the highest point of GT's range. And there will be 599 Spider or 599 GTS to run alongside with 599 GTB and to bring market success of this range to the new level.

      4) Enzo successor or so called F70 will be next F-hypercar.

      But I really do not see place for 612 or its replacement in this chart.

      My dealer told me that there more and more customers showing up, who want to drive F-car daily, they are ready to pay money for rather comfortable and easy-to-drive F-car, better with hard top retractable roof. So there will be "F149" to suite their tastes. And real mid-engined supercar as current F430 range needs to be more hardcore and oriented to real F-drivers. So there will be fast, hardcore, hi-tech equipped and of course much more pricey "F142". I suppose that Ferrari knows what they are doing.

      As mentioned, I do not see a place for 612 in this future F-model range. And who said that "F149" will be soft. As my dealer assured me it will be the "rawest" car in its market segement, so you do not have to worry.
      It will be rather unique F-car, just because you will be able to choose if you want it to be 2+2 or you want it be two seater equipped with rear bagage shelf as 599 GTB. So I do not see any cases to worry - "F149" will be real F-car. //




          I like how the group title is exactly the same as the Volvo group...until you get to the owners part



            some pics I took at the Galeria Ferrari in Maranello, Italy


              New Mystery Ferrari Spied! F430 or Enzo successor?




              Exciting news. I personally think it's the F430 sucessor, your thoughts?


                I can definitely see some 360 and 430 influence so that makes me think it's going to be the next "entry-level" Ferrari. Plus it seems a bit soon to be bringing out the F70 model.

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                  Could be the prototype FZ0, testing the engine and other things. Remember, the prototype Enzo was an unloved 348.
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                      This group is chiil.
                      Originally posted by MadCat360
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