[01x01] February 22nd, 2009

[01x01] February 22nd, 2009

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I was born in Russia, I love TGUK, and I think this show isn't that bad. It's geared toward the Russian public, has a lot of Russian humor, and reflects on a lot of Russian values and I think that will work. However, I feel they were making the same mistake that TGA was doing and that is trying to imitate the personalities of Jeremy, Richard, James. I think this is a terrible mistake because it always comes off so fake, however they were letting their own personalities come out more toward the end of the show.

The SIARPC segment was amusing; it is obvious that Lada is sponsoring the show, which is why they aren't driving the bare bones model. Russia doesn't have a strong established car culture, so watching celebrities doing stupid shit on the track and not driving is amusing, which is the whole point of SIARPC.

Also them testing each other's cars was intended for them to "size each other up." The false comments they were making were intended to ridicule each other rather than the cars, which is something they also do on TGUK. Also, these guys aren't filthy rich, they can't afford ridiculous cars. I wouldn't be surprised if that Miata was bought used. These guys also know little about cars, so don't expect expert analysis on anything they drive. They are simply trying to copy the entertainment aspect of TGUK.
Once I became comfortable with the subs I actually enjoyed it. Overall I'd say it seems a lot more relaxed and a lot less contrived than TGA. I gave it a 7 and will be watching more.


A fellow Australian thinks its better than TGA? Thats really piqued my interest, I will definitely have to watch TGR now.

I will report back after and confirm whether I feel the same way.

edit: just watched it and was very impressed, I think the first half of the show was quite good, better than TGA in fact, but once SIARPC started it all went downhill very fast.

I am not sure whether I will get around to watching another one unless others can confirm that it gets a lot better.
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From the outset this felt good, i liked this episode, the race was a bit weak willed, but had plenty of humour, and the intro of the Stig was the proper way to do it.

Obviously the guests were unknown to me, but entertaining all the way, i'd give it a 7, good effort, can do better, but hugely more entertaining than Aus, and a good complement to the original.