[01x02] October 27th, 2002


Oct 29, 2006
Far from the South

This listing contains music from the original BBC broadcast version,
all other versions (Dave, Youtube, TopGear.com, et al) have replaced music.
If you are looking for music from these alternate versions, most of it can be
found by going to: www.extrememusic.com.
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It's from Top Gear - 01x02 - 2002.10.27 it starts at 3:37. Here is the sound clip.


That clip is from the BBC prime version which means that it is production music that replaced the "real" music from the BBC2 broadcast... not much point in adding it to the master list since I will be posting the original tracks from BBC2, but for your info the song is from the Extreme Music production library and is entitled: "Bass-ink Instinkt" by Boom Boom Room.
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I really want to know the song's name played at the beginning of Noble M12GTO!!(BBC PRIME ver. / 23:16)

Thank you;)
Unfortunatly I don't know the name of the song.:(

But I did make a sample so others can help you.:)

But it might not even be the right song.:(

But I'm sure you can tell us that.:)


I've never used this file hosting program before but if you download the file (named 'produce') it should run in windows media player...
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Austere!! :)

Yes, I could play and listen to the file. That's the one I love!! hehe:mrgreen:
Glad to help! I joined this forum to ask for song help and I got it in the end so I like to give back whenever I can. :thumbup:

I'm sure that if ssreverb listens to the sample he'll be able to name it.;)
I really want to know the song's name played at the beginning of Noble M12GTO!!(BBC PRIME ver. / 23:16)
Thank you;)
Since this is from the BBC Prime version of 1x02, that is production music from Extreme Music (www.extrememusic.com) which replaced the original BBC2 music.

Here is the exact info:
Song: Turn it Loose
Artist: Phillmore Oakes
Disc: XCD063 Funk
Thank you ssreverb

I don't know how you managed to find out the name of this song but..... for me you're the Messiah!
Now I am ready for fast asleep...

p.s. I also would like to say thank you to Austere for your kind help!!
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Can I just ask, is there any other website anyone knows of where I can get "Turn It Loose" by "Phillmore Oakes", it would be much appreciated, thanks. Tried to register on that Extreme Music website, they wouldn't let me
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What song starts at 55:25 and ends about 56:03?
I'd be very pleased if someone could help me.

It's used in this video too.
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The song that plays during the Noble M12 test (in the original broadcast) is Personal Saviour by Mo Solid Gold.

Took me forever to track that down.
The song playing when the Stig drives a lap in the Noble is "Dream a Little Dream of Me". Sung by Doris Day, i think.
Could someone please tell me what the music is that plays from 50:10 to about 50:25? It is right at the beginning of the section where Richard reviews the Ford RS 1800.

I hope this format makes it easier and less spammy to read (though it is only a request and pinpoint to map the song)
First segment, car review (Ford Focus RS)
5:46-6:08 (assuming its a different song)
6:11- 6:39
*skipping ahead*
Seems to be all the ones Id like to have, or MUST KNOW WHAT THEY ARE D: