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A Ford F-150 Raptor races a parachutist jumping from 25,00 feet; the Mercedes SLS AMG is reviewed. Kid Rock is the guest.
Kid Rock?! Ugh.

Do want to see what they say about the Merc though. Well, I bet I can guess, but still.
Question is, at the end of filming the ford and jumper segment, did they end up crashing it, like hammond did with the porsche at the end of the UK version of this segment?
I think Kid Rock will be a good guest and will attract a larger audience... remember, this is America. I can't wait to see that Raptor get aired out!
Kid Rock? Oy... next it will be Vanilla Ice.

But I guess you can't get a star you like every time. Of course, I'd rather they just canceled BSSC completely.
At least I know who Kid Rock is. Last episode I had no clue, and there are a couple Kid Rock songs I even like. Not many though. His latest Sweet Home Alabama/Werewolves of London mashup was an atrocity. Way to rhyme "things" with "things" there, paco. Seems like he would be one to flog the crap outta the car at least. Will be a bit more exciting than a geriatric, a hobbit and someone I've never seen before.

The Merc bit will be interesting and should show us about their being influenced by sponsors. Lets see if they have the gonadocity to criticize a car from someone funding them. Yes, gonadocity.

Not a big fan of the oddball challenges. When I want a car to race, I want it to at least race another car/motorcycle/go kart/bicycle/llama. These vs helicopter and skydiver things are a bit lame. Seeing the Raptor put to the test will be nice, though.
They should put the raptor around the track too. That'd be interesting. :p
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