[01x06] December 26th, 2010

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Aug 21, 1995
Tanner goes to England to try out a sports car made from wood; race from Miami to Key West; Michelle Rodriguez gets on the test track.
And by "sports car made from wood", they mean a Morgan. (I'd love to know which one.)
In the preview of the series you can see it will be Morgan Aero SuperSports.
so... did tanner do any 'crossover' work while in England? methinks a crossover could make things a little interesting.
I seriously doubt it. I think it's too early for any crossover stuff. Let's wait until TG US is a little more established.
Oh I did Miami to Key West last year - Highway 1 is it not? Bit flat and boring as I recall - lets us see what they do with it though.
"This is the hood, they call it a bonnet in Britain and it opens from the side"
I was at this taping! I was the last person on the right side standing on the bridge above the Top Gear sign (black/yellow checkerboard).
After being disappointed by the Top Gear UK Middle Eastern special, I was hoping for more from TG US, however it was also disappointing.

100 miles is not my idea of an "epic race", though I imagine the superboat and seaplane likely have pretty severe endurance limits compared to the car and that had to be taken into effect. And on the plus side, it's nothing something TGUK has done (at least in terms of the direct format - I know RH and JM used a high-speed boat in the Norway race and a Cessna 182 in the Turin to London race).

Like TGUK's effort, I'd be inclined to give this one a 6, as well.
I don't know if it was the massive nausea inducing headache I had or just the episode itself, but last nights TGUS was kinda meh. I think until they get things a bit more established they should drop the BSSC segment.
is/has a poll been posted? whats the delay?

This is the pre-ep thread, we have to wait for the Episode Discussion thread for the poll. Why that thread hasn't been made I don't know.
I loved the Morgan, but not so much Tanner's review. I did like that he almost got smooshed by driving on the wrong side.

For some reason he rubbed me the wrong way in that review, but, I did like him in the race part.

Glad the Lotus won, not happy about the fact that the guy was so blatant about breaking the speed limit, even after being busted.

The BSSC girl's laugh was annoying. And why after learning to drive in a race school and being in Fast and the Furious where she drove a stick, IIRC, did she drive like crap?

Id give this a good 7 out of 10.
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This is the pre-ep thread, we have to wait for the Episode Discussion thread for the poll. Why that thread hasn't been made I don't know.

i know, i just couldnt help but notice that people were posting reviews in here and i was wondering the same thing, where is the post epp post. thats all
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