[02x02] May 18th, 2009

[02x02] May 18th, 2009

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Jun 25, 2008
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THe showing of the tyre changing times was a real eye opener, prehaps they could just do a segment on tyre types / sizes. is a 70 profile (AKA Formula 1 better) than a 50 profile?

There was 1 frame with the drills in place.

Ja,es had o fly to the states during the filming of this episode, (Heard it on an interview on radio)

Just give them time, Aussie nouse will beat the British pomp and ceremony.

Prehaps a top gear Aussie vs Top Gear UK vs Top Gear Russia special episode now that would be fun.
Ford FPV vs Morris Minor vs Lada niva.

Lets just have fun, and don't so critical and going looking for mistakes.


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Sep 29, 2008
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Quote from Twitter;
[Originally Posted by Steve Pizzati
It did actually go before we started filming but then it broke. Budget and filming schedule meant we couldn't repair it on the day. Dammit.]

I reckon that's just plain soft.

TopGear AU are seriously getting a reputation for poorly-planned or uncompleted challenges.


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Oct 4, 2008
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There were some bits I didn't enjoy in this week's episode - SIABSC seemed like bloody hard work, and Wazza did his best with it but Ian Moss wasn't terribly responsive, and the album plug really grated, and I'm not at all convinced by the vintage ad thing - but there were also some bits that made me properly laugh.

The Superclubby review was nicely done and also informative, and although the editing was a bit strange (and it looked like it was shot in a spare ten minutes) the reversing got me wondering whether those cameras are really worth it (there are clearly pros and cons to both ways of doing it). The electric cars challenge would have been better if Steve's car had managed to work a bit, but I still found it quite entertaining.

My highlight was the Model T, though. OK, so TG UK have done something similar, but they did it in a different way, and I loved that they made that a studio segment. Stig taking it around the track was priceless, and had me in stitches. Someone at TG Aus has learned not to take things too seriously.

And actually, I think this might be where the new strength of the show lies; they aren't trying as seriously to make it a carbon copy of TG UK. I notice that with Charlie's departure, we've also been spared the 'some say...' introductions for Stig, and although some changes may have been brought about by time constraints when it comes to filming, the lack of The News isn't a big problem for me. TG Aus is becoming its own show, I think.

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Sep 20, 2006
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I'm 12 years late...

That Kingswood had a small fuel tank?
They should dump the 'star' and bring the news back.

Again, the vignette was ridiculous.