[03x01] October 26th, 2003

Hey All,

I am REALLY hoping someone can help me with a sound track used in the BMW 5 series clip:

09:40 - 09:48 - The Temptations - Get Ready
13:28 - 13:53 - The Dust Brothers - What is Fight Club

<<<<____----____>>>> Track is here, only runs for about 20 seconds or so, has lots of drums and what sounds like the lead in to a boys choir or like;

14:44 - 16:27 - Barry Adamson - Something Wicked This Way Comes
46:01 - 47:27 - Agent Provocateur - Red Tape
13:55 - 14:34 - Gavin Bryars - Raising the Titanic (Big Drum Mix) [Listen Here]

...and the last 2 heard during the BMW segment are....
16:39 - 17:19 - UNKLE - Panic Attack
17:33 - 18:29 - UNKLE - Inside
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You, my friend, are a phuking LEGEND!!!

I have been hanging to find this track for MONTHS!!!

Its such an awesome track!!!

Thanking you!!

Anyone know the song that plays in the 5-Series review from 14:46 - 15:12 in the SBS rip?
Does anyone have the name of the tune that starts playing when the Lupo leaves the petrol station? Around 31:12.
Does anyone know the song right after Jezza says "I think I just wet myself."?

It's 8:05 - 8:16
"a request:

29:37-29:58 as the lupo sequence starts the camera pans down from the top of a bridge onto a blue vw lupo, that's when that song starts. it ends when the lupo goes into the gas station. what's that song?

thanks in advance

Hi! The song is Twenty Three from Four Tet. Enjoy it!
Hello folks,

Got a request about a half a second into 8:05 up to 8:18 if I'm not mistaken.
The review is for the Ford GT40 with Jeremy Clarkson reviewing.
Sorry if it's duplicate request, new to the forums here.
Thanks in advance for your efforts.
Some of the songs used in the youtube version (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u22hUFw_TE8) of the Porsche GT3 segment :

00:00 - 00:22 : Freebie/ The Bean - Plastik Surgery
02:21 - 02:45 : Freebie/ The Bean - Plastik Surgery (same as above)
03:00 - 04:24 : Deakin' Scott - Dirt Track
04:30 - 05:10 : Steve Jablonsky - Trailblazing