[03x03] August 28, 2012


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Nov 8, 2011
As of today (the 21st), the next episode is not listed on History's website. However - the trailer for the episode lets us know that it's the "Overlooked Cars" challenge. EDIT: History officially calls the episode "Cult Classics".

Could you own a classic car and not know it? The guys each get a car that they think is seriously undervalued and set out to rehabilitate its image before creating a Live commercial in San Diego and attempting to make money on it. The two losers have to entertain two celebrities in a crazy race in equally crazy vehicles, and it gets out of control fast.

Rutledge is in the SVX. "Welcome to the Future," he says.
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Looked interesting and look forward to it.
Promo I saw on History earlier looked pretty corny, hopefully it doesnt disappoint like last week :/