[03x04] - February 1, 2019 - Pick Up, Put Downs

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Jul 20, 2009
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Clarkson, Hammond and May investigate the new breed of European pick-up trucks hoping to take on the American and Japanese establishment. Clarkson has a Volkswagen Amarok, Hammond has a Ford Ranger while May is in the new Mercedes X-class.
I think I’m done with this show. This episode broke the camel’s back.
Jag segment was good but let's face it that challenge was rubbish. The statues were a giggle but the rest was trash, particularly the bits where they were clearly just driving around in circles during the 'race' and where they were shooting at things but the impact of the bullets hitting said things looked suspiciously like special effects.

I did chuckle at the fact that the Mercedissan has the same digital compass in the mirror as my Disco from 18 years ago.
Honestly, only the Jaggg review was the highpoint of this episode.
The rest of the episode, was pure rubbish. So many special effects, so many......oh forget it.
Again another bad episode & why they have remove the Celebrity Face Off ? Only the Jag review was good.
Again another bad episode & why they have remove the Celebrity Face Off ? Only the Jag review was good.

They realised that they celeb segment was just as shit as it was on TG and very few people liked it.
6 from me. Conversation Street was pretty good, Jag segment was great, but too much fakeness in the pickup segment, especially the fuel barrel race.
Well, that obviously was the children's episode. I guess there has to be one in every season. Having said that, I felt entertained nevertheless, even if there were some cringes.

At some point in time, one has to simply accept that what you miss, what you desire, what you want to see, is gone. It's been history ever since series 14 of Top Gear the latest. It won't come back, so either embrace what they do now or simply don't watch it. Obviously, the majority out there has no idea what Top Gear used to be because its haydays have been 12 years ago and back then, it was an insider tip outside of the UK.

The audience today see what CHM do with fresh eyes and the 94 % at Rotten Tomatoes are a clear indicator that sentimental nostalgia doesn't help when what you miss, simply isn't there anymore because it has been replaced with something more successful.

It's like when your favorite band becomes commercially successful and stops being an insider tip. Somehow it'll never be the same again. I learned to embrace it and therefore enjoy it.
The first segment on the farm was useless (I hate the heavily scripted stuff!), the statue toppling was fairly amusing, the drag race was predictably predictable, the fuel transporting race was pretty meh (except for Richard hitting those bumps, haha), the target shooting was so-so (James sliding around was funny, but Jeremy's part quickly decended into idiocy). Didn't tell us much about the trucks, really.

Conversation Street was nice to have back. Didn't know this new extreme way people are taking advantage of the system. Oh, and I liked the part about the Chiron Sport!

The Jaguar Tony Hawk's Project 8 looks pretty decent. I don't like the giant Jag on the side, but I love the venting in the lower front corners. Would like to see more companies use that look. Oh, and it still reminds me of a Fusion at the front from the side, and of a Mustang from the front a bit, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. ;) The morphing effect they used to show the differences was neat. I know it's ancient technology now, but still looks nice when done well.

A somewhat decent episode, minus the scripted juvenility, but below average overall. I'll give it a 4. :/

P.S. One big bonus this season is the lack of celebrity segments so far. Do not miss them at all.
Maybe because you're the only one that apparently liked it? :p
Honestly, I don't like it but there were some funny talks with the guest. All I can say the episode was too short & running out of ideas, hopefully the next episode will be better with the Lamborghini urus.
Just finished watching this.... man, this was disappointing. The White Van Man challenge was more entertaining than this. :(

The jag review was great at least. :D
yeah, the Project 8 part was watchable, but the rest was forgettable.

they are so lucky they got fired from bbc so they could cash in before they became completely irrelevant.

Exactly! Finally these 3 guys were able to cash in for amazing run of Top Gear, their peak seasons were best shows anywhere, not just car show. All these years they were paid by BBC, not exactly astronomical amounts, and certainly not enough for show of such calibre. "Friends" 6 star actors were each paid $1 Million per episode, Jerry Seinfeld was paid $1 Million per episode, Charlie Sheen over $1.5 Million for "2 and half men" episode.

Now the three Top Gear stars get properly paid for their life's work. It is unfortunate that GT is a poor finale for such an iconic trio.
Like most, the only part I liked was the Jag segment.

I gave it a 6 because of that, and that the rest was just what I needed at 2:30 AM to cure my insomnia.
3/10 for the Jaaag and occasional moments in conversation street.

The whole pick-up thing was a new low.

This episode couldn’t have jumped more sharks in 60 minutes if it were Chief Brody skinny dipping after a dozen Viagra and a bottle of tequila.