[03x04] May 05th, 2012 (previously unaired I understand)


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May 5, 2012
Adelaide, Australia
AWD TJII Magna, AE71 corolla
I happened to flick on the TV Guide tonight and saw TG Australia on GO, so thought I'd watch it..

I was surprised to see things I'd not read about or seen previously..

This is exactly one of the major reasons that I feel as nine letting this show down.
People that WANT to watch it don't even know it's on, so how can they expect to have grabbed an audience..

From what I can see we have:

SUV vs People mover (territory vs carnival)
Some NZ supercar
The 'new' blue meanie driven.
and Jimmy Barnes as the star in a car.

Is it true that NOONE has managed to get an online copy of the end of season 4 and this (and any more unaired ones they may choose to show)?
I missed the last 3 weeks as I had NO IDEA they were airing...