[03x05] November 23rd, 2003

Hello, can anyone tell me the song which plays at 41:20 to 42:22 (it's the first song at the beginning of James May's review of the Fiat Panda). It sounds like a 60's jazz instrumental. Thanks.

That is a production cue called: "Razz My Berries" by Werner Tautz. You can listen to it by going to www.extrememusic.com ---> clicking on "Get Tracks" ----> then "Easy Listening" ---> and searching for either the artist or song.
This music occurs at 34:15 on my episode, but assume it is the same as yours. ;)
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The Toyota Hilux Toughness Challenge on UKTV uses various pieces from the extrememusic.com library for both this and the subsequent episode. The following tracks are used extensively:-

"Butch Accidy" by Menthol Man / Ad Man
"Dirty Dollars" by Jenkins / Waterfield
(both from XCD065 Alternative Country)

THANKS so much. Menthol Man and Ad Man was just what I was looking for.

On a brighter note, the song during the footage of the tide subduing over the Hilux
52:02 - 52:29 - M83 - Cyborg (Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts album)

I was looking for this song as well, but on the youtube version of the hilux clip, they play a different song than the m83 -cyborg song.

In this youtube clip the song starts at 3:30, right after Clarkson shouts "Damn!".


What is this song called? It is literally driving med mad, I must have this song! :)
Does someone knows the song that is playing when the building is blowned up and they are wondering if the toyota is still in one piece. This mysterious song also appears during James's presentation of Cadallic Sixteen in season 2 episode 10.
If you mean the scenes from the old touring races, it's Prodigy - Breathe.
I have breath and they dont sound the same.. What time into the breathe song is this bit?
it's in the first post. but if you don't have the correct rip, it's useless. describe the scene as best as you can to get the correct help, please.
Im looking for the same song as elcarajo. its at 3:30 for the youtube video. where the hilux is submerged by the waves. i soo badly want to know what it is. PLZ help :?

What song is at 0:24?

I've heard it used in a fair few top gear episodes. Help is appreciated :)
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What song is at 0:24?

I've heard it used in a fair few top gear episodes.

You're best off getting the full episode the song is in, using the timestamp of when it plays, and then just looking up the song here. ;)
anyone know the song that plays at 8:30 and ends at 9:10
It is a very short piece between the "Tim Booth & Angelo Badalamenti" song
I'd rather know the title of that bassy tune they used quite a few times in the segment (and others as well) during the still shots.